Introducing Jezebel

Jezebel -

Jezebel -
“You remember that girl your mother always warned you about? Well I kicked that girl’s ass!”

And thus begins the career of the woman who calls herself Jezebel. At 5′ 9″, 147 lbs., she is bigger and stronger than anyone on the current roster and she has two goals in mind – to wreak havoc and to win the ACW belt. While many competitors enter the promotion seeking title gold, Jezebel seemed just as determined to turn the promotion on its ear and to bull her way through as many opponents as possible. “Get the fuck out of my way or I’m going to eat you alive… especially if you’re cute,” she says. “I’m thick as a brick, I can punch and kick, and I’ll whip your ass ’til it makes you sick. I’m Jezebel and you should start running now.”

Not since the free-wheeling days of the uncontrollable Taylor Wilson has a woman raised eyebrows as much as this newcomer. With broad shoulders and a lower torso, she can toss opponents around as easily as she would a rag doll. In her tryout with the promotion she wrestled against part-time trainer and former ACW star Candy Sommers. Jezebel immediately went to work and grabbed Sommers from behind and delivered a release fall away suplex, smashing the smaller girl into the far wall. Without hesitation she began stomping on the fallen girl until she was pulled off. Laughing and beaming over her actions, she was unprepared for the reprimand she received. “I figured what the fuck. She’s the one that was a pro… I thought she was suppose d to teach me something. I taught her something instead… Don’t blink bitch,” she laughed.

Sommers suffer a broken clavicle and a stress fracture in her wrist. “Alright, I didn’t mean to hurt her and maybe I don’t know my own strength but as far as I’m concerned, when we’re fighting for real, if you don’t wanna get hurt, don’t bother showing up. Seriously… screw this prissy bullshit. It’s not called Apartment Champion Pattycake or Apartment Championship Pilates. This ain’t rock, paper, scissors. This is wrestling and one of three things is going to happen. Either you’re gonna no-show, or you’re gonna beat me.. which you won’t… or I’m gonna beat your ass until you beg me to make you my bitch… and I vote for number three.”

Which takes us to another aspect of her persona that is raising eyebrows within the promotion. Jezebel is quick to make an overtly sexual overture towards anyone in the promotion and a number of the women have spoken out about it. Jezebel is unapologetic. “Hey I’m a woman with a healthy appetite and ACW is like a fucking buffet table to me. If you’re uncomfortable with what I have to say, beat my ass and make me stop… or… shut the fuck up and learn to take shorthand… or go to cosmetology school… or become a nurse… or just shut the fuck up.”

Jezebel -
Jezebel ran into problems immediately, however, getting into an altercation with champion Alex Del Monacco. “It was no big deal for cryin’ out loud. She introduced herself and I just said that I wish this was a prison movie ’cause I’d have dibs on her.” Del Monacco was not amused and the two went at it brief before order was restored. “Hey, at least she tried to throw down with me,” Jezebel said. “I at least respect that.” Management was not amused, however, and Jezebel’s debut was delayed by two months as she was shipped off to Japan for training. There she handled herself well against wrestlers with far more experience. She had impressive victory over Tomoko Kitori and an impressive draw with Panther Yokomota. “I learned a lot there, but I didn’t like being there so I’m glad to be back and I want to fight.”

Members of management, while enamored with her raw ability, are worried about her hurting one of the competitors again. The promotion settled for an undisclosed amount of money two years ago with Nell Jenkins, a former Inter-Condominum champion. Jenkins, as many long-time fans may remember, was severely injured wrestling against Taylor Wilson during Wilson’s first tenure with the company. Wilson, in the middle of the match grabbed Jenkins and swung her around and launched her off of the bed and towards the corner of the room. Jenkins, however, careened off the wall and crashed into the window, almost plummeting 16 stories out of the old Hanson Arms apartment building. The injuries she suffered ended her career and caused Wilson’s dismissal from the promotion.

“Look, I promise I’ll try not to kill anybody here, but these girls are going to have to get tough. Anyway, I’m not worried about it. I’ll just do what I do and if I get in trouble, I’ll just make sure I deserve it,” Jezebel promised.

Jezebel looks to be one of the biggest impact players to enter the promotion in years. With raw strength and ability, she seems like a dream for the marketing department and a nightmare for the legal department but she takes it all in stride. “Hey, they may not want me here, they may be afraid of me, they may get nervous around me and they may just get rid of me, but I can guarantee you, they all know whom I am, and they know when I’m coming. They all know my name. I told them, this is ACW, this is apartment wrestling… this is catfighting… I’m Jezebel… and your ass is in trouble.”

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