Brycee Adams vs. Alex Del Monacco

Brycee Adams vs. Alex Del Monacco -

The matchup between Alex Del Monacco and Brycee Adams found two women moving in opposite directions. Adams, the tattooed screaming banshee had spent months in the ACW doghouse after management tired of her unpredictable behavior and excuses. She had been suspended and seemed headed on her way out of the promotion. Having been given a reprieve and having won seven straight matches, she seemed to be back on firm ground. Del Monacco, the ACW champion, had met with consistent success, toppling Daniella Cartier to gain the title belt and defeating all comers in defense of her title. With her success, however, there seemed to be a glaring lack of respect for her accomplishments. “It’s unbelievable,” she said. “I guess when you’re on top, no one wants to give you credit. I’ve got this goofy chick in the ACW Yahoo Group calling me out and talking trash about me, and all I’ve done is win match after match. Give me a break.” For Adams, a victory would be the culmination of one of the biggest comebacks in apartment wrestling history, but a loss would end her winning streak and keep her on the fringes of the release list.

Adams went on the offensive, grabbing the champion by the throat and slamming her to the couch. She choked the blonde bombshell while using her right foot to stomp and Alex’s exposed thigh. Brycee attempted one stomp too many and the champion was well-prepared. Alex reached out her hand, grabbing the challenger and flipping her to the ground. Quick as a cat, she was on the bigger Adams, wrenching her tattooed arms behind her and stomping viciously on the middle of Brycee’s back. Adams, stunned by how quickly the champion had turned the tables could not offer a counter and could only scream in agony as a smiling Del Monacco slowly and deliberately pulled back on her arms while keeping a foot in the small of Adam’s back.
Alex, looking like a quick victory was in a near certainty but figuring she needed to make a statement to quiet her critics, lifted Adams off of the ground and then slammed her down on her ample breasts, yelling at her to get up and fight. “I’m tired of hearing how I don’t fight any real competition. Bring something bitch.”

Brycee’s sense of relief in being released was short-lived as the pain in her arms rendered them almost useless. All she could do was lie on her back and tamely kick at Del Monacco to fend off an attack. Alex methodically stalked her as Brycee tried to scramble away. As the blood rushed back into her arms, Brycee felt the savage pain of life coming back into them. She struggled to lift her arms up to the champion, but when Alex approached, Brycee lunged forward with a high knee, striking the champion below the solar plexus, almost knocking the wind out of her. It was a truly lucky shot but Brycee was not going to waste it.
As Alex tried to run to the bedroom to regain her composure, Brycee gave chase and grabbed her from behind. With her crotch pressed firmly into the smaller girl’s bottom, Brycee pulled her close and whispered threateningly into her ear. In one motion she lifted Del Monacco off of the ground and swung her around and slammed her onto the couch. Following closely, Adams mounted her and went for her throat. It seemed now that a match had ended… and a war begun.

Del Monacco was all business now and delivered a brutal chop to Brycee’s ribs. When the raven-haired challenger relinquished her grip, Alex used a judo throw to toss Adams to the middle of the room. In pain, Adams attempted to crawl away but Alex caught up to her, pulling Brycee’s shorts down and exposing her rear end. On her hands and knees, Brycee reached back for her shorts and Alex again pounced on her, this time landing her crotch on the small of Adams back and riding her like a horse, pulling her head back and forcing the brunette to look her in the eyes. “You’ve got one chance to tap out bitch or I’m gonna hurt you,” the champion growled. With Alex applying a camel-clutch, the alt-girl seemingly had nowhere to go until out of sheer desperation she swung her arms back, knocking Alex off balance and causing both of them to topple forward with Brycee again crashing down onto her breasts.

“It’s a good thing you have these big fucking tits,” Del Monacco howled at Adams, squeezing Brycee right breast harshly. When Brycee screamed sharply in pain, Alex pulled off the brunettes bikini top and grabbed both breasts, squeezing hard. As Brycee neared tears, Alex warned her to submit. Although whimpering, Brycee refused and Alex grabbed the bikini, apparently to choke the challenger, but she hesitated and pushed Brycee’s breasts back in, deciding instead to choke her with her arms while applying leg scissors to Adams thighs.

Alex now wanted the victory and rolled sideways to gain better leverage for her hold, but Brycee rolled into her, propelling the blonde backwards and Alex’s head hit the wall with a thud. Gasping for air, Adams saw that the champion was dazed and went for the kill. She landed three straight elbows to Del Monacco’s highly muscled midsection, followed by a knee to the back of Alex’ thigh. She rolled Alex onto her stomach and mounted her from behind, attempting to slip her cupped hands under Alex chin, but the champion sprang forward crawling quickly to the bedroom and the safety of the bed but Brycee was too fast and caught up to her.
Adams grabbed the champion and holding her hands prone tried to make a three count but Alex kept slipping away. When Alex tried again to crawl away, Brycee reversed her position, sitting on Alex back and facing her feet. She now grabbed Del Monaco’s legs and feet and attempted to put on a sharpshooter but Alex got a leg free. Now Brycee was content to appliy a single leg crab hold. Alex pounded her fists into the pillow in pain, the sound causing Brycee’s confidence to rise and she screamed out in delight. Alex refused to submit and attempted to roll. Brycee, seeing that the toll of the action was causing the champion to weaken, rolled Alex again onto her back and crawling on top her her, went for the pin. “Come on you little blonde bitch. I’ve got you now. C’mon and count with me.”

Brycee Adams vs. Alex Del Monacco - Brycee shifted her weight and began the three count, but Alex used the moment to make a last ditch effort at escape. Rolling Brycee onto her back, Del Monacco crawled her feet up the wall, pinned Brycee’s arms to the bed and using the incredible leverage to hold her down, went for the pinfall. As Alex counted 1-2-3 Brycee tried to knee her in the ribs, but to no avail. Alex had pulled out the victory in a harrowing, thrilling match. As Alex collapsed on top of her, Brycee was without words. A hard fought loss was impressive to everyone in attendance but with her career seemingly resting on a victory, her efforts seemed for naught. For Brycee, uncertainty loomed in her future but for Del Monacco, it was another notch in her impressive victory streak. Though she did not employ her scientific wrestling talent as she had in the past, the brutal physically pounding that she endured, as well as dished out, should silence at least some of the critics.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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