Ask ACW: May 2007

Tiffani Jones vs. Diane Hunter -

Tiffani Jones -
Q: I notice that the girls hardly ever punch each other in the face. Is this illegal or are they afraid to hurt each other?
 JB, Sterling, VA.

A. Punches to the face and throat is violation to the rules. Basically, the only punches allowed are to the stomach. Competitors may slap each other anywhere except the back of the head. Eye gouging is not allowed, nor is biting, except to the buttocks. Squeezing and pinching is allowed and kicking is permitted to all part of the body except the face and head. Dangerous maneuvers such as piledrivers or powerbombs are prohibited and subject to disqualification, fine and suspension. In general, ACW attempts to allow the competitors the flexibility needed to put on competitive matches without risking serious harm to one another. While injuries are a part of the business, the promotion realizes that its biggest appeal is that the ladies are athletic, attractive and sexy. Maneuvers that could injure of disfigure a competitor serve no purpose and the promotion takes steps to eliminate them as much as possible. The promotion also bans the use of object as weapons, for obvious reasons.

Diane Hunter -
Q. Why do so many girls seem to come and go. It seems that just when I get used to seeing someone, they get suspended or fired. Doesn’t ACW care about what we fans want and who we want to see?
 WM. Phoenix, AZ.

A. According to ACW President, Tanako X, the promotion has develop a much stricter code of conduct in the past two years based on problems between management and talent. “While we care very much about serving the interests of the fans, we will never agains have situation where the inmates are runnign the asylum. Years ago we has our ACW Champion refuse to defend the belt and refuse to return it. She tried to hold us up for more money and more control. She also filed a bogus lawsuit and the company came close to having to shut down. This would have put a number of people out of worka nd would have menat less work for the performer you probably like. Recent suspensions and firings like Nyla Jay Romero and Brycee Adams were very dissappointing to us, but when ladies no-show on matches or promotional events, it dissappont the fans and the other competitors as well. We want our talent to be respctful of the fans, the company, the industry and the performers who’ve come before them making an apartment wrestling career possible.”

Q. What was with that weird finish in the match between Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Diane Hunter a few years ago? BB, Lombard, IL.

A. Diane Hunter had spent a year carrying the Inter-Condominum belt and part of that time with the ACW Title. In additional, Hunter, who considered herself the top shooter in the history of the promotion was very outspoken with what she believed was the promotion interest in bringing untalented eye candy, and felt they offered her no competition. She then began to taunt her opponent by showing them wrestling holds during matches. Such was the case with the match against Tiffani where Diane appeared to just give her the belt. The match was later declared a forfeit and Hunter was stripped of the belt, which was immediately awarded to Jones. Hunter has since lost the ACW title and is now in semi-retirement.

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