Introducing Ginger Bryant

Ginger Bryant -

Ginger Bryant -
Ginger Bryant enters Apartment Championship Wrestling
as one of the most decorated apartment wrestlers in history. She held the European Catfight title for 13 years, suffering only two defeats. She has toured Japan and Europe and has become a legend around the world, but her entire career has been spent outside of the United States. She enters ACW with great expectations and with a little uncertainty. Bryant retired from active competition in 2005 and many wonder whether the prolonged layoff will hurt her. ACW management doesn’t seem to share those concerns. “Ginger is great,” said Kev Love, vice president for talent relations. “We’re very happy to have her in the fold. Not only will she bring a great background of success to our promotion, but she will be able to add a lot of insight to the current roster.” Tanako X, the ACW President concurs. “We have been trying to lure Ginger away from the European promotions for years, but we were never able to pull it off. She is very independent, very smart and very determined. After her retirement she seemed very content and it took a lot to get her here, so we are delighted to have her within the fold.”

Bryant was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but traveled to Europe as a teenager resided near Paris five years. She was introduced to Lemeul Rideux, a well known catfight trainer in Italy, Rideux trained her for two years and began her career with an upset over long-time veteran Thelma Hopkins. After two years of moderate success, she won the title belt for the now defunct Italian Wrestling Alliance. A year later, she competed in a round robin tournament for the vacant European Championship. After winning two matches, her opponent in the semi-finals, Cybelle Caron, suffered a knee injury and had to forfeit the match. This put Bryant into the finals against three-time European Champion, Gail “the Gale Stormin” Norman. Ginger shocked Norman when she jumped into former champions torso, hooked her knees under Norman’s arms and held on while doing a backflip, accomplishing a snap-canrana, and securing the pinfall. Most thought her win to be a fluke, but Ginger remained undefeated as the champion for six years. After losing the title for six weeks, she regained in a rematch and held onto it for another seven years. “The funny thing is with Ginger, she just kept getting better and better as the years went on,” said Love. “It was almost like she was compiling moves and counter-move because she always seemed to have the answer.”

Ginger Bryant -
Bryant began to ponder retirement in 2001. “With all of the things going on in the world, I really started feeling like I needed to come home. I had pretty much done everything I could and was losing my competitive spirit for the industry,” said Bryant. “I had also gone through a very difficult relationship and was looking for a change.” She moved back to Green Bay but soon moved to Chicago. ACW immediately began pressing her to make her debut in the United States, but she steadily declined the offer. Two years later, however, she has a renewed energy and is eager to re-establish herself. “ACW will be a fun challenge for me to see if I’ve still got it. I’ll always love the sport, and I’m anxious to get back into fighting shape, but after being a champion for so long, I know what it takes to be my best, so we’ll see.”

Tanako X is eager to push his new star to the top. “Wiithout a doubt, adding Ginger to our ranks lends great credibility to our roster. I’m not going to put her in an ACW World Title shot just yet, but I think she is a great candiddate for the Inter-Condominium belt.” The IC belt, was vacated when Brycee Adams was released by the promotion. Other candidates for the belt include newcomers Madison Payne and Jezebel as well as veteran Daisee Douglas. While he won’t pick favorites, X concedes that having a belt on a known veteran superstar would work well for the promotion. “It sure is a lot easier to market a known superstar the a newcomer, so let’s just say I won’t be disappointed if she wins the belt.”

Bryant takes things in stride. “I’d love to win the belt but whatever happens happens. I’ve been very lucky in my career. I’ve made a lot of money, never had a serious injury and have really enjoyed what I was doing. No matter what happens, I know I’m going to enjoy myself here in ACW.”

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