Brycee Adams vs. Nyla Jay Romero

Nyla Jay Romero vs. Brycee Adams -

In a battle between to could have been’s, Nyla Jay Romero, the South Beach Bambina took on the Brycee Adams, she of the many tattoos. Adams, a heavy favorite to make a run at the ACW title belt, was in the ACW doghouse. Missed appearances and conflicts with management cast her as a woman on her way out of the promotion. Nyla, a cute and curvy newcomer to the sport was popular for her youthful enthusiasm, but she too missed several mandatory meeting and public appearances and she was terminated from her contract. Tanako X, the ACW President, however, offered the two women an opportunity to work a few more dates, in essence giving them a monetary lifeline and a chance to impress other members of management with their “renewed attitude.” The two looked at this as a last opportunity and attacked each other with a frenzy.

Nyla Jay Romero - Nyla tried to be the aggressor, but Brycee was having none of it. She grabbed Romero by the hair and tried to toss her across the room and onto the bed, but Nyla held on to Brycee’s hair, and her momentum carried them both sprawling onto the bed. Like catch-as-catch can, on-mat wrestlers, both girls tried to get the other in a submission hold, but both cautiously backed away.

Nyla was wary of the former D-Cup champion. Adams was taller, stronger and more aggressive. Romero, however, was younger, spirited and felt she had nothing to lose. Nyla rose to her knees and decided to take a chance and sprung at Brycee.

As Nyla lunged forward, the wise veteran Adams countered, delivering a rolling roundhouse kick to the younger girl’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her. In pain, Romero grimaced as Brycee stomped on her midsection again and again. The brutality of her actions seemed to reflect the desperation Brycee had, wanting to remain on the active roster. The beat down began to get excessive as she landed her foot in Nyla’s midsection again and again.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nyla turned the tables, countered, pouncing on her opponent. A stunned Brycee fell onto her back like a tom of bricks. It appeared that Nyla’s surprise attack put her in position to secure a pin fall, but her anger got the best of her and she began trying to choke Adams. The two stayed locked in this position, with Brycee gasping for breath and Nyla panting with anger. Something had to give… and it was Nyla.

Her passionate attempt to choke Brycee ended up sapping all of Nyla’s strength. When her strength faltered, Brycee arose from the brink of unconsciousness. As Nyla lay panting, she could feel Brycee rising like a tattooed Phoenix.

“You fucking bitch,” screamed Brycee. “You’re gonna choke me? I swear I’m going to kill you. You should’ve killed me.” With that, she snatched off Nyla’s top. The frightened Romero knew she was in trouble and looked to take off for the stairs. Adams would not allow her to entertain the notion. “No bitch… It’s time for you to suffer. I’m gonna make you my bitch and you’re gonna hate every minute of it.”

Brycee, her left breast swinging freely, pulled her belt from the floor and walked swiftly at the terrified Romero. “Submit you stupid bitch. I’m gonna beat your ass until you tell me you’re mine.” Grabbing Romero by the hair she pushed Nyla’s face into the mattress. “Say my name,” Brycee screamed as she landed her blows with the belt. “Say my name.”

As Nyla struggled to get away, Brycee casually held her in position and whipped the defenseless young girl until her bottom was tender. Then she whipped her some more. “Say my name bitch.” ordered Brycee.

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero -

Finally Brycee pulled Nyla’s head up and warned her, “I’m only going to give you one more chance.” “Brycee,” Nyla finally panted. “Your name is Brycee. I’m yours,” she whimpered. With that, Brycee ceased the whipping and the younger girl began rubbing her bottom., but Brycee wouldn’t allow that. “No. I want it to hurt. I want you to feel that and remember it next time.” In response, Nyla began to whimper. “Come here you little baby, crying like a little bitch. Come here and Momma will make it all better.” With that, Brycee pulled Romero forward and forced Nyla’s faced into her pale breast. “That’s it honey. You’re going to do whatever I want, all night long.

Brycee Adams made the best of her opportunity and bested her younger opponent. Whether it will lead to an opportunity to get out of the doghouse in the promotion will remain to be seen. For one night, however, she was the top dog.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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