Madison Payne -
Madison Payne comes to the world of apartment wrestling as an entertainer.
A backup dancer in over 40 music videos, she was drawn to catfigting as a way of enhancing her worldwide exposure.

“I was in France doing a hip-hop video and during a break the whole crew was watching ACW discs,” said Madison. “They are HUGE fans of ACW, so I kind of wanted to see what it was about.”

“I ran my big mouth and said I could beat up Daniella Cartier and the next thing I know, David put my ass on a flight to Chicago, so I have to do well just to save face.”

“I don’t have a lot of experience, but I did train at the ACW Academy for two months. But I can take care of myself. I was a tomboy growing up and I used to fight and wrestle against guys I hung out with so I’m not worried too much. I’ll do my best.”

“I had a training match against Nicole Brooks and won. I pinned her and I was totally psyched. I like it a lot more than I thought I would… Then again, I haven’t had a real match yet.”

Madison was born in Milford, KS. The small town girl took very quickly to the big city excitement of travel and parties and nonstop fun. She has heard the warnings from many industry veterans but doesn’t seem to be paying much heed.

“I know, I know. I’ve heard it all. Save your money. Don’t stay out all night. Don’t hang out with the wrong crowd,” said Payne. “OK. OK. I get it…. Look, I’m young, I’m pretty. I like to have fun and this is my time. There will be time to do all the responsible things later. Right now, I’m going to do what makes me happy. I mean I’m not stupid. I know how to take care of myself. I’m not going to do anything dumb.”

And thus are the words of many an aspiring apartment wrestler. Like Madison, none of them believe they will fall prey to the ills of the industry, and like her, they believed themselves shielded by youthful invincibility… a fact not lost on ACW management.

Madison Payne -
“We have made a concerted effort to advise the girls about potential pitfalls, but they usually don’t listen,” said ACW President Tanako X. “These Generation X and Y girls know everything, and then when reality comes crashing down on them, they want to point the finger at management. So, at great expense, we have had to implement a number of safeguards. We’ve installed cameras throughout the complex, recording all training sessions and lectures and meetings. This way, when a girl comes back and says nobody warned her or that someone took advantage of her, we have documentary evidence.”

So it seems ACW’s newest find is being groomed as a future star. She certainly knows how to talk the talk, having given a well-received interview to CFN. Also, speculation exists that she wants to use any publicity to push a singing career and already she is being sought for photo shoots but she is apparently being very particular about any projects she takes on.

“Well, I do want to be smart about what I do so I am pretty selective about things. I just want to make sure I’m cat in the right light. No need to have a Paris or Britney moment. I’m just a nice girl trying to make it big.”

Not everybody, however, is prepared to label her sweet and wholesome. “Sweet and wholesome my ass,” said an anonymous source. “This bitch is a ho. I mean if she is the girl next door, I’m the Virgin Mary. I mean I’m not a hater, but this wholesome crap turns my stomach. The way I see it, here’s another girl without a lot of experience and they’re trying to create a legend for her. Style versus substance and she’ll probably get a push. Like I said, I’m not a hater, but I’m not going to sit around, with all my experience and watch some fresh-ass bitch getting all the game here.”

Time will tell but Madison is off to a good start.

<NOTE>: Just before press time, Madison Payne, through her representatives, has filed an official protest with ACW management over the cover of this month’s update, particularly the phrase “a sweet ass.”

“Madison Payne conducts herself as a professional. She is pursuing a career as an apartment wrestler and is holding herself to the highest standards,” said a publicist for Payne. “Our advice to ACW is to reign in their performers. ACW needs to focus on new fresh faces who try to project the best image for the company and that’s what Madison is doing. To promote her as some kind of sex kitten demeans both her and the other true professional in the apartment wrestling industry who comport themselves with dignity.”