Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero 1

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero -

The second match-up between Alex Del Monacco and Nyla Jay Romero found the competitors in very different positions. When the two first met, they were rookies, playing on the the same playing fiend and both eager to make their mark. Now, Del Monacco was the ACW champion and Romero was barely clinging to any kind of affiliation with the promotion. Nyla Jay was fired from the promotion four months ago, but in need of money was able to finish out a few matches left under her contract.
Romero, knowing she didn’t have many chances left, decided to let it all hang out and attacked the champion immediately. Charging at Alex, Nyla reached for her hair, but Del Monacco had the same idea. Angry at Romero’s behavior within the promotion she began taunting her the shorter girl.

Alex Del Monacco - Only two minutes into the match, Alex had already had enough. Carrying herself as a major league champion, Del Monacco delivered a savage forearm blow to the challengers left shoulder. Romero crumpled to the ground in a heap, semiconscious. Del Monacco, however, wasn’t going to let her off that easy and snatched her off of the ground.She immediately latched on with a deep choke-hold, whispering to her to go to sleep. Each time the girl reached the point of no-return, however, Alex would let go. As Romero gasped for air, Ale snatched her up again.
Leaning back she stretched the girl’s throat and weighed on her back. Holding the frightened girl’s jaw with her left hand, she spanked Nyla’s ample breasts with her right. A helpless Romero began to whimper.

Desperation makes champions out of pretenders and in the blink of an eye, the tables were turned. Nyla reached up with one hand and weakly pulled at Alex’s dangling hair. A surprised Del Monacco tumbled forward , landing on her back. Laughing at the unexpected change in circumstances, She was even more surprised when Romero jumped on to her, straddling while giving a savage howl. Nyla’s hands grasped the champion’s throat as if it might be the only way her could win the match, but she wasn’t thinking of competition. Instead, her fury was her way of venting the likely end of her career. Del Monacco, taken by surprise, could not gather the strength or leverage to push the heavier girl off of her

Unfortunately for Romero, she didn’t realize she was making the same mistake as Del Monacco and she lowered her hair just in the champion’s reach. Alex grabbed her hair, rolled the challenger over and pulled her to her feet. Holding Nyla like a naughty school girl, she scolded her and and walked her around the apartment.

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero - Del Monacco led the challenger to the front door. “How about I throw your stupid ass out in the cold?” As Romero whimpered no, Alex dragged her into the kitchen and slammed her against the refrigerator. “Submit now” she said. Pulling Nyla’s top off she said “OK… Then I’ll punish you. Come on…” As Romero gasped for air, Del Monacco alternated between pushing her face into the ground and then pulling her to her feet. Finally she dragged her towards the stairs telling her “when I get you upstairs I’m going to hurt you bad.”
As she marched Romero up the stairs, Nyla weakly put up a fight but it seemed to only entertain the champion. “Come on you little bitch. Come get your beat down.” Step by step, the challenger’s cries became more heartfelt.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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