Alex Del Monacco is the New Champ

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco -
After months of anticipation,
 highlighted by a bravado on the part of Del Monacco that many felt was an unjustified arrogance, the two at the top of the ACW rankings set to meet in a match for he ACW title. Del Monacco, the challenger, came in at 5′ 6″ 116 lbs, while the champion, Daniella Cartier, came in at a surprisingly light 121 lbs on her 5,9″ frame. The champion had a decided advantage in strength and experience while the challenger was a superior mat technician and had an edge in quickness. Perhaps, many believed, this was behind Cartier’s recent weight loss, an attempt to become quicker and more agile. Both appeared confident in the moments before the match and they took little time getting the action under way.

The two hooked up quickly with Cartier taking a quick start trying to overpower the challenger. Del Monacco, however was prepared, and deftly slid away. “You can’t run all night, and I won’t stop coming,” said Daniella. The two continued to circle until Alex lunged at the champion, missing like a bull and a matador. On the ground, however, she locked onto Cartier ankle and tried to pull her to the ground. Cartier, calmly and patiently worked to maintain her balance and then methodically and brutally began to stomp on Alex’s midsection. The blonde quickly realized that despite her talent, a title match was on a completely different level than she was accustomed to.

Alex slowly got to her feet and immediately charged, at the champion again, but was again matadored past, tumbling head over heels across the room. Cartier stood tall, arms folded looking down unimpressed. Del Monacco rose again, brushing herself off. As she glared angrily at Cartier, she suddenly charged again, missing as the champion deflected her to the floor. Landing on her side, Alex rolled with her momentum and delivered a sound round kick toe the back of Cartier’s knee. Daniella hit the ground in a loud heap, and Alex immediately pounced. She attempted a roll up pin but Daniella rolled through and turned the tables. As Daniella counted to two, a clearly confused Del Monacco weakly kicked out.

Alex Del Monacco -
Daniella scrambled to her feet and delivered two massive kicks to Alex’s midsection. Although pained by the blows, Del Monacco almost welcomed them as they gave her a moment to recover from almost being pinned. As Cartier tried to deliver a stomp, Alex kicked between Cartier’s legs, striking her on the rear end. She then reached up and pulled at the champion’s bikini top, pulling her off-balance. As she fell, Cartier landed with her waist landing between the challengers thighs. Alex interlocked her ankles and squeezed painfully, crushing her with a perfectly executed leg scissors. Cartier, in considerable pain, maintained her composure and slowly reached down, grabbing Del Monacco’s feet and ripping them free. The two slowly rose to their feet glaring at each other.

The two went back and forth, each gaining an advantage, and then quickly losing it. In the world of one on one combat, the larger and stronger opponent will generally wear down a smaller quicker opponent. As the two fought on the bed, Cartier’s momentum got the better of her, with the help of a kick by Del Monacco and she toppled off of the edge and onto the floor. As she rose, there was anger in her eyes and she growled as she charged her opponent. Alex, anticipating it, deftly side-stepped it- and leapt onto the prone back of the champion and locked in a triangle armbreaker. With a knee in her back and her arm on the verge of breaking, Cartier, a proud champion, was forced to tap out.

Alex Del Monacco is now the ACW champion and as 2007 begins, she will begin her reign facing a vast new field of new opponents… but she will not be able to close the book on or close her eyes on Daniella Cartier.

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