Alex Del Monacco Gets a Title Shot

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco -
After months of discussion
, Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that a title match has been signed, pitting ACW Champion Daniella Cartier against number one contender Alex Del Monacco. “Today is a historic day for the promotion,” said ACW President Tanako X. “This match will pit our finest champion, Daniella, against Alex, a woman many believe to have the best technical skills in all of apartment wrestling. Unfortunately, it took a lot to make it happen, but on New Years Eve, it will finally take place.”

The December 31, 2006 match will take place in downtown Chicago with the exclusive video rights belonging to West Chancellor Communications. The match took four months to finalize because of a wild series of circumstances. Within the guidelines implemented by the ACW booking committee, Brycee Adams was rated highest in the power rankings and was thus the number one contender for the title. Behind her was former champion Diane Hunter with Del Monacco slotted number three. Del Monacco, in a bid to leapfrog Hunter, signed for a was the victor in 10 matches within a two month span. Alex was set to travel to Japan for the annual D-Cup tournament, but cancelled the trip when Adams was suspended by the promotion.

Del Monacco, at that point tied in the power rankings with Hunter was scheduled to meet her in a match in late November but Hunter suffered a knee injury and will be out of action until February. This allowed Del Monacco to vault up to the number one contenders spot.

Alex Del Monacco -

In ACW champion Daniella Cartier
, you have the ultimate seasoned professional. Tall and muscular, Cartier is often able to physically dominate an opponent. “Daniella is a wrestler gifted with the ability to take down an opponent and physically overpower her,” says industry insider Colin Fowler. “She is outstanding defensively, has a high pain threshold and because of her strength, is very difficult to hold down. While very instinctive, she often lays out a match in her head and will follows a 10 point game plan of moves and maneuvers. A proud champion, she is difficult to outsmart or to outwill for her title.”


“Alex Del Monacco is a different breed of catfighter,” 
continues Fowler. “She’s a sort of a hybrid wrestler/mixed martial artist.” Del Monacco is referred to by many wrestlers as “the Freak” because she possesses poster girl knockout looks, a fitness models body and such a high level of wrestling skills that she has left many in disbelief. Former ACW competitor Dominique LeMonde commented “Alex is the reason I no longer wrestle. It’s just not fair for her to look that good and be that talented. For most of us, it’s hard enough to do one.”

The matchup between Cartier and Del Monacco is one of the most talked about and anticipated in recent history. In the end, either Alex will shake things up in the promotion or Daniella will continue to prove herself one of the greatest reigning champions in apartment wrestling history. Cartier is confident as always. “Look, when it comes down to it, after all the hype, all the talk, all the hoopla, it’s just a match. Alex is good, maybe great, but she still has to beat me and take my title. Believe me, I love my belt… She’ll have to take it!”

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