The ACW Title Chase

Daniella Cartier -

Veronica Van Dyne -
The current title reign for Daniella Cartier
 is proving much easier than her previous one. A number of the top contenders for her ACW title have fired or suspended by the promotion and many are wondering whether the champion will have to work up a sewat over hte next year defending her title. “I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me,” said Cartier. “Brycee was really good and she would have been a good challenge to me, but she’s out now s let’s look forward. I am.”

What exactly is Cartier looking forward to? “She’s looking forward to weak competition,” said former ACW competitor Veronica Van Dyne. “She was already in the catbird seat, with all the new girls in ACW. I mean, they were talented but inexperienced. Now that a lot of them are gone from the promotion, that means the experience level is even lower.

Veronica Van Dyne competing in the same training class as Cartier and is well-acquainted with her. “I think Daniella is great, but she needs competition from some veteran who have been around the block and know what to expect,” Van Dyne continued. Are some of these girls ready to face her? I don’t think so. Most of them have a long way to go. I know for a fact I can beat half of them without having to do any training.” Van Dyne has been in semi-retirement, concentrating on her law practice.

“Are you kidding me,” responded Cartier? “This bitch has the nerve to interject herself. Could she be any more obvious? Who do you think she is suggesting as a veteran to face me? Her. Or her stupid sister Tabitha. I’ll give girlfriend credit. She went to law school, she’ prepared a career for herself outside of catfighting. That’s cool, but you don’t sit out for a couple of years and then try to pop back into the picture with your eye on the title. If she keeps running her mouth , I’ll put that fat ass of hers into retirement for good.”

Assuming ACW intends to move forward rather than to look to the past, who might be ready to step up? “I think you first have to focus on Alex Del Monacco,” said ACW President Tanako X. “I think pound for pound, she may have the most natural, technical skill of anyone to ever come into this promotion. I’m not saying she is the best catfighter to ever come in, but she is so technically sound, considering her inexperience that it is fascinating to imagine how far she could go. She is a natural. She has just taken to the sport so quickly and so well.”

“When you look at someone like Trish Stratus, I think you can see a comparison,” he continued. “Trish (a former fitness model with no wrestling experience) paid her dues, tried very hard to learn as much as possible and took the sport seriously… not just using it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Alex is much the same.” Del Monacco has been a regular at the ACW Academy Dojo, working out by herself as well as with new competitors.

One possible roadblock for Del Monacco is her burgeoning modeling career. Since entering the promotion, Del Monacco has been featured on four times as many magazine covers as the year before. With this type of growing success, how much will ACW be willing to count on her and promote her. Furthermore, with more and more mainstream success, how much can she be committed to an apartment wrestling career. “I’ll simply let my wrestling speak for itself,” said Alex. “I’m ready for the shot, the shot to carry the ball. I’m ready to face Daniella, Diane Hunter, Rosario, Brycee, mandy… hell they can bring back Bettie Page and I’ll beat her. I’m serious about this. I’, the future of this promotion whether anyone likes it or not.”

Rosario Delgado - Behind the scenes, many favor Rosario Delgado as the best candidate to take on the role as heir-apparent. “Rosario has it all,” said Stu Stovall, an industry insider. She has become a very competitive grappler, has a very strong personality, is confident with the media and just exudes sex appeal like crazy.” Indeed Delgado poses a great deal of upside, having caught on with a cult following in the underground catifght fandom. Besides being a fan favorite, she brings a different fighting style to apartment wrestling, mixing kicks and grappling holds to her arsenal. On the other hand, Delgado possesses a mercurial temperament which rubs many the wrong way. Of more significance is the series of recent injuries she has suffered. Delgado recently faced from Champion Diane Hunter in a match where Rosario was clearly favoring her leg, unable to throw her trademark kicks,Whether these will be lingering injuries which will hold her back or just a small momentary problem will determine much of the path of her career. If she can stay healthy, she will be pushed as a title contender.

The wildcard in the mix is Mandy Taylor, the Madam of Mayhem. To say that Mandy walks to the beat of a different drummer is an understatement. Mandy, who is as prone to break out in sobs as she is to locking on a chokehold has one of the most bizarre demeanors ever seen in apartment wrestling. The porn superstar will at one moment talk like she is in the middle of an adult movie scene and then turn 180 degrees, sounding like a scolded four year old.

“That bitch is crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy,” said suspended competitor Brycee Adams. “I know I can beat her, I have beaten her, but she scares me. Not like she intimidates as a fighter, but I think she is nuts, a lunatic. No really, I think she is really crazy.” Alex Del Monacco concurs. “Something is not right with her upstairs if you know what I’m saying. I’ve wrestled her and I almost walked out on the match the way she was carrying on. I’ll give her credit, I almost had to kill her to win the match but man, she freaked me out.

Taylor scoffs at all of these concerns. “I think everybody is just surprised how well I’ve done. They thought I was just going to be some bimbo flashing my tits and getting off on rolling around with another girl but I’m pretty good.” As for the for the perception of her being mentally unstable she simply laughs it off. “The whole crazy routine, it’s just an act to get under their skin… I think.”

Clearly the winner in all of this is Daniella Cartier. The ACW champion pretends not to care who she will face, but the instability of the ACW roster does make it harder to remain on top. “I can beat any and all of these women, but it would be helpful to know who I’m facing so I can prepare correctly. I hope all of this bullshit gets cleared up soon.”

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