Alex Del Monacco vs. Mandy Taylor

Alex Del Monacco vs. Mandy Taylor -

With the recent firings and suspensions in the promotion, Alex Del Monacco and Mandy Taylor didn’t need anyone to tell them that now was their chance to make a move for a championship match. Already considered the most technically sound challenger for the belt, Alex knew she would have to bring more to the table as she faced Mandy. Taylor, known mostly for her career as an adult movie star, knew that she had to prove herself to be talented, not just a T & A showpiece.

Mandy Taylor - Both girls met in an energetic clash, but Mandy took charge early. Lurching forward and under Alex’ arm, she circled around and mounted the blond from behind. Pushing Del Monacco prone onto her stomach, she pressed Alex’ face heavily into the bed. Adjusting her body for maximum pressure, she moved until Alex was supported all of Mandy’s weight.

The cagey Del Monacco had one arm free, and used it to grab Mandy’s ponytail. As she pulled Mandy to her right, Alex slipped underneath her left arm, spun around 360 degrees and mounted her, pulling up harshly on Mandy’s bikini bottoms and leaning heavily on her upper torso. The move took only seconds but Mandy knew she was in for several minutes of pain.

Del Monacco calls the maneuver “Around and Pound,” spinning around her opponent to get the best advantage and pounding her into submission. From her vantage point, Alex pounded on Mandy’s back. “You better submit ’cause it’s gonna get ugly,” snarled Del Monacco. “That’s okay,” replied Taylor. “You’re already ugly.” An unamused Del Monacco brought several crushing elbows down on Mandy’s back, inviting yelps of “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” from Taylor. Alex, seeing that her elbows were not having the desired effect changed course and targeted Mandy’s bikini bottoms again, this time pulling painfully with both hands for full effect. As her bottom was pulled brutally into the air, Mandy’s face was thus forced into the bed.

With her face down and bottom up Mandy seemed in a rueful predicament but she saw that it was actually an opportunity. As Del Monacco reached for more cloth to pull on, Mandy lurched forward to get under her opponent and then rose up quickly and flipped the beautiful blonde over her shoulder. It was a beautiful move on Mandy’s part, first because it allowed her to escape and second because it caused Alex to sit back and reflect for a moment to reassess her strategies as well as Mandy’s skill level.

As both girls squared off, Alex looked for an opening. Mandy, on the other hand, simply looked to keep Alex off balance. Reaching forward, she grabbed Del Monacco’s bikini top off, causing the blonde girl’s breasts to swing freely. As Del Monacco tried to cover herself, Mandy leaned in and wrapped her hands around Alex’ neck, pulling painfully downwards. Alex, however, was too quick for her and grabbed at Mandy’s top, ripping it off. With both girls topless, they sat back on their heels to determine a new strategy.

“You shouldn’t have done that bitch,” howled Alex. Mandy, unimpressed, lunged at her, but missed. An opportunistic Alex sidestepped her, grabbing her by the throat and holding her down. As Mandy squirmed, Alex patient and methodically went the a progression of holds, first clutching Mandy’s throat, the grabbing her arms and forcing it back. Capturing Mandy’s arm behind her elbow, Alex sought to immobilize Taylor’s lower torso, stepping over with her left leg and pressing it against her victim’s rib cage.

Mandy was completely in Alex’s control and began whimpering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Del Monacco growled, “Then tap out.” Mandy again responded with pleas of “I’m sorry.” Annoyed at Taylor’s refusal to submit, Alex leaned back, stretching Taylor’s torso painfully, causing Taylor to howl in pain.

Remarkably, Mandy refused to give up. As she continued to to bleat “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” a clearly frustrated Del Monacco decided to try a different hold. Sensing that it might be her last chance, Mandy escape, rolling off of the bed and from the floor sprung up and surprised Del Monacco. Spinning the blonde around, she pushed Alex’ shoulders to the bed and began to count. At the count of two, Alex reached up and pulled at the string from Mandy’s bikini bottoms, causing them to fall off. Mandy, forgetting about her pinfall opportunity, decided to return the favor and yanked on the squirming Del Monacco’s bikini bottoms until they were off.

Naked, embarrassed and angry, Alex decided to employ her catfighting skills, Feared as one of the top wrestling technicians in all of apartment wrestling, Del Monacco resorted to her grappling skills and applied a ju-jitsu sit-down armbar, hyper-extending Mandy’s left arm brutally. Leaning back for full force and effect, Alex held Mandy prone on the bed with her legs, preventing her from flailing wildly. Taylor knew that Alex had her cold and that there was no technical escape move available. As she whimpered please of “I’m sorry” to Alex, she squirmed and squirmed while gradually pushing the bottom of her feet. Inching the two women towards the edge of the bed. In the midst of her fury, Alex didn’t realize that they were both inching closer and closer to the edge until the both simultaneous toppled head over heels over the bed and crashed onto the floor.

Mandy was exhausted, helpless as she gasped for air, her natural breasts heaving. Alex, though frustrated was still strong and clear-headed. She immediately pounced upon her opponent and dragged Mandy back onto the bed. Rolling Mandy onto her stomach, Alex climbed upon her back, whispering in her ear “you’re gonna tap.”

Quickly spinning around she wrenched her arms around Mandy’s waist and her leg around Mandy’s neck. With her face close to Mandy bottom she couldn’t resist harshly slapping Taylor on her ass, illiciting a howl of pain. Quickly, though, she returned to her task, this time one arm over Mandy’s behind and one arm under Mandy’s crotch. This enabled Alex to grip her hands and crush Mandy’s sexual region while simultaneously providing leverage to apply pressure with her legs in a vise-like manner to Taylor’s neck and head.

Alex Del Monacco vs. Mandy Taylor - As Alex felt Mandy beginning to go limp, she yelled out “give up you stupid porn whore.” Mandy erupted in a fit of rage. Twisting both of their bodies until she had straddled the slim blonde and pressed her crotch into her face. With her face pressed into Mandy’s ass, Alex desperately squirmed free, but an enraged Mandy pounced upon her, mounting her in the missionary position. “Don’t call me a whore,” Mandy screamed. “I told you not to call me a whore.” As she choked Alex with both hands, mandy realized that she had an opportunity of a pin. Alex, however, finally able to breath sought escape. Reaching out, she grabbed Mandy by the ears and twisted her neck until she flipped Taylor onto her back.

A suprised Mandy lay flabbergasted. She couldn’t figure out how Alex had escaped but now she couldn’t figure out how to get Del Monacco off of her Alex inched her way up Mandy’s body until she sat astride Taylor’s stomach. “Alright, if you won’t tap out I’l pin you,” said Del Monacco. With that she continued to inch her way up Mandy’s body until her crotch was in Taylor’s face With her shins pressed into Mandy’s shoulders andwith two handfuls of Taylor’s, both women knew there would be no escape. Mercifully, Alex counted out “1-2-3” and secured a pinfall.

For Alex Del Monacco, the match was a further step towards claimeing a title shot. For Mandy, the matched proved that watched she lacked in formal catifighting training she made up for in determination. Neitehr girl looked fondly at a rematch but both knew that their paths would crosst again on their way to the top.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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