Heads Roll in ACW

Brycee Adams - apartmentwrestlers.com

Brycee Adams - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Heads are rolling in ACW 
with firings and suspensions the likes of which have never been seen. While details are still sketchy, it has been confirmed that at least five members of the ACW roster have been terminated and four others have been suspended. Rumors abound that the bloodletting has not ended and as many as three other suspensions may be forthcoming.

The biggest name mentioned so far is top-contender Brycee Adams, who has been suspended for at least six months. Also suspended were Domino Davis, Staci Jones and Claire Rogers. Also noteworthy was the firing of Nyla Jay Romero, one of the young upstarts that much was expected of. Others terminated were Cassidy Collins, Annina Oksana, Beth Caldwell and Fergie Frazier.

The suspension of Brycee Adams has sent shockwaves through the promotion. Adams has moved up the ladder in ACW faster than anyone could have imagined. She was assured last week of a title shot against ACW champion Daniella Cartier and was recently flown to New York for photo shoots and promotional work.Tanako X, who is generally loathe to comment on disciplinary measures held nothing back “She flat out blew it and she has no one to blame but herself. I don’t know what is wrong with these girls where they come into the company, begin making a name for themselves, get a couple breaks and opportunities and then decide to screw it all up. Brycee knew what we had planned for her. She knew how much we were lining up our promotional efforts behind her. She was just about to make it big and she just blew it.” Adams apparently skipped two matches last week and was confrontational when she was reprimanded for it. When X got involved, Adams escalated the situation by daring him to take any actions. “Not only did she challenge my authority, but then she had the nerve to have someone call me saying he was her agent, requesting that we renegotiate her contract. I thought it was a stupid joke for a minute and then I realized that she was serious.

Apparently there have been a number of incidents which served as precursors to Adams suspension. In August, Adams was involved in a shoving match with Maureen Lanehan, a member of the talent relations staff. She no-showed a press party citing alleged travel problems. In July she got into a shouting match with a fan at Midway airport in Chicago and gave a blistering interview in early September when she blasted everyone within the promotion, from management to the current roster to fledgling trainees.

“Honestly, you have to wonder what is going on in her head. She was just about to make it. Now she’s out of work and has possibly scarred herself forever in this industry. These girls keep coming in here, they make a lot of money and all of a sudden think they a special. Brycee has a lot of good attributes an an apartment wrestler, but she is replaceable, very easily replaceable as she is about to find out, ” said X. “She thought because we were pushing her so hard that she had leverage over us but we definitely learned our lesson a few years ago. The talent is extremely important to the promotion, but I run this son-of-a-bitch!”

Cassidy Collins - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
“Cassidy Collins is gone from the promotion 
and she won’t ever be back,” said Tanako X. “There really isn’t a whole lot of need to go into her situation. I’ll say this… She gave a good, hard effort in the matches… but that’s all I can say good about her. I have rarely met another human being who could almost immediately turn off everyone in the room. Within five minutes of her signing her initial contract, she starts making demands for her own theme music, wanted alterations to her contract, refused a number of promotional events and on and on.”

Collins was briefly suspended last year but was reinstated in May 2006. Last month she gave a brief interview to an industry fan magazine where she explained that she felt ACW was being run improperly and charged hat she should be the top star pushed. “When you’re just coming off of a suspension, it’s probably no the best time to shove your foot in your mouth. Again, I just don’t understand what these girls are thinking. This girl is broke and she’s going to dump on the promotion?” They’re just crazy. I can promise you she will NEVER be back.”

Perhaps the biggest loser in this housecleaning is Nyla Jay Romero. Romero, affectionately known as “El Nina” was a personal favorite of X, and was being groomed as a serious contender for the promotion’s top spots. “I am so disappointed with her that I can’t tell you. I just got off of the phone and cancelled her trip to compete in the D-Cup tournament, ” said X. The annual D-Cup tournament, held in Japan usually includes an entrant from ACW who is considered the fastest rising young star.

“Nyla seemed to have everything we were looking for in the promotion. She was personable, pleasant, energetic and respectful,” said X. “She gave a great effort in her matches and seemed to be taking it to the next level. She recently lost a lot of weight nd improved her conditioning. We really thought she was showing what it takes to be great, but I guess we were wrong.” It is unclear exactly what happened to put her in the doghouse and eventually thrown of the THE house, but we have confirmed that Romero no-showed for a highly anticipated match and failed to call ACW management beforehand of afterwards. “I got her on the phone and she wouldn’t explain herself. No apology, no remorse, just silent and defiant. She’s typical of the problem with this industry. You find someone who you want to groom over time, that you want to invest in and put your marketing machine behind and then you find you just can count on them. We’ve learned enough to know here is always another girl out there who wants the shot and is ready to step into her place.

Nyla Jay Romero - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
The downfall of Brycee, Nyla, Candy et al
 provides a void within the promotion that can be filled by a number of players. Most likely to assume Brycee’s throne as the top contender is Alex Del Monacco. Blonde, brash and beautiful, Del Monacco has the best grappling skills of any newcomer in the last five years in the promotion. The only thing holding her down from making a title run is her immense popularity as a model and thus her busy schedule. If Del Monacco is able to concentrate her focus on her apartment wrestling obligations as well as honing her catfighting skills, she would seem poised to make a run at the title belt.

“Look at her. Beautiful, unbelievably sexy, knowledgeable and aggressive. She definitely has what it takes to carry the promotion, but she has been up front about her modeling career, and she obviously does a great job at both,” said X. “We need to sit down with her and see where her priorities are and see what our next steps are. It’s always nice to see that when we get something unexpected happening within the promotion, immensely qualified women are ready to step up. You lose one starlet, up pops an even better one.

Also emerging as a winner in the uproar is Little, the energetic newcomer that many feel could revolutionize the catfight industry. Little, because of her age was slotted behind Nyla Jay Romero in the group of younger talent. Instead, she instantly will rise to the top and looks to be the one now being groomed as a potential star. Tanako X warns, however, that nothing should be assumed too quickly. “We have learned many lessons, so it shouldn’t be taken for granted that she is just being given the ball to run with. Little will have to earn it and prove to us that she is ready not only to compete, but also to represent the promotion.. An advantage that she has now is she can see what NOT to do!”

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