Diane Hunter vs. Rosario Delgado

With the turmoil going on in ACW, Diane Hunter has returned to action, taking on Rosario Delgado. Delgado, rehabilitating from an ankle injury also hurried back to action. For Delgado, it was a chance to take advantage of the thin roster and to work towards a title shot. For Hunter, it was an opportunity to step up for the promotion that made her a star. Having already announced that this will be her last year in active competition, Hunter would be very happy to go out on top.

Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com Hunter went after Delgado knowing that the younger girl had been out of action for a while. She roughly gathered her opponent in a standing headlock and used her hips to force Rosario to painfully transfer their weight onto her ankle. Delgado growled in pain and tried to escape from the hold. Calling on her grappling knowledge gained in Argentina, she tried to wrap her leg around Hunter, in an attempt to force the action to the ground but Hunter had scouted her opponent and knew what to expect. Instead, she stepped forward and then back, again putting excruciating pressure on Delgado’s ankle.

Next, Delgado tried a sit-down escape, but Hunter held firm, talking to Delgado like a teacher to a pupil. As Delgado tried to move away, Diane stepped with her like a dance partner. As Rosario began breathing deeply, Diane pulled her head closer, talking to her, telling her what was coming next and promising that she would not be able to escape.

Rosario grunted in response, arguing that she couldn’t hear what Hunter was saying. Diane, gladly pulled her closer and began repeating her comments. Rosario pounced on an opportunity and reached forward, pressing her in between Hunter’s thumb and forefinger. The ploy causes the bigger women to release her vice-like grip. Having secured her release, Delgado attempted to force the action to the ground.

Unfortunately, Diane was ready and willing to take the action to the ground, mounting a missionary pin attempt. Rosario, taken by surprise, struggled to free herself to the right and then the left to no avail. Finally she twisted and shot her calf crashing down on Hunter’s lower back. As twisted away, she turned and began to crawl. Hunter, like a leopard, leapt across the distance between the and pressed her flatly into the ground. Methodically she worked her way into position and gained full control over Delgado. Locking in a full-nelson, she pulled back and downward, forcing Delgado face into the ground and rear-end high into the air.

Hovering behind her in doggy-style dominance she taunted Delgado. “You do have a nice ass, don’t you,” said Hunter. “Round and firm,” she continued as she began thrusting forward demeaningly. A humiliated Rosario could do nothing but endure the torment.

Diane finally decided to put an end to the match, spinning Rosario onto her back and again began to mount her for the pin. Delgado, seeing an opportunity mounting a missionary pin attempt. Rosario saw and opportunity and reaching back with her legs wrapped her knees around Hunter’s neck. Locking her ankles she squeezed her thighs together, crushing Hunter’s neck. “Do you want to talk about my nice ass now bitch,” raged Delgado? “Let’s talk about my nice, firm thighs,” she continued, squeezing her legs shut until she was sweating.

Seeing that the pressure was becoming too great, Hunter began looking for an escape. Springing forward she rolled over Delgado, separating the two. Delgado, having put every ounce of her strength into her attack knelt breathless and exhausted. Hunter, as if she hadn’t suffered under the painful leg -lock, jumped to her feet and growled “get up bitch!”

Tired of the current struggle, Hunter decided on a change of scenery. Grabbing the tired Delgado she marched up the stairs stopping several times to squeeze her in a headlock and assert her will. As the continue upstairs, Delgado realized that the months off to tend to her injured ankle have sapped her of her strength and endurance.

Tired, sore and frustrated, Delgado appeared helpless as Diane muscled her down onto the bed. As the blonde former champion attempted to go for the pin, however, Rosario put up a desperate fight. She immediately reached out and pulled off Diane’s bikini top. Further she began kicking and trying to roll off of the bed.

To her credit, Hunter remained calm, patiently fending off Delgado’s attack. Again trying to impose her will, Diane attempted to push Rosario’s shoulders to the bed. A scrappy Delgado would not be held down. Knowing she had Hunter on the defensive, Delgado went on the offensive.

Delgado lurched her hips upwards, fully pressing her crotch into Hunter’s stomach and the wrapping her legs around Diane’s waist. Rosario pumped and pumped her thighs together, trying to squeeze Hunter slim waist. Lunging forward, she pulled Diane’s face into her ample bosom. As Diane was momentarily disoriented, Rosario pressed her ankles together and pressed them hard into Hunter’s bottom.

“I’m gonna stick my foot right up your ass baby,” said Rosario. Grinding her foot into Diane’s crack she also pulled herself up and smothered Diane with her breasts again. Hunter hadn’t expected any of this from Rosario and her frustration grew into fury and she decided to put an end to it right there.

Diane Hunter vs. Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com With Delgado’s legs wrapped firmly around Hunter’s waist, Diane had control over Rosario’s body and lurched forward and slammed the smaller girl onto the bed. When Delgado refused to let go of her hold, Hunter lifted her again and slammed her again, and again and again. Finally Delgado went limps, sinking back onto the bed. Hunter ordered her to stay down and held Delgado prone and counted 1-2-3.

Clearly, Delgado was not in peak conditioning due to recovering from her ankle injury. Still she asserted herself well against the former champion. Hunter, in the twilight of her career demonstrated that she still had what it takes to be one of the greats. The two further demonstrated that with the ranks of ACW being somewhat thin, the cupboard is far from bare.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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