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Tanako X - apartmentwrestlers.com

Tanako X - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
He is the President of Apartment Championship Wrestling 
and has brought the promotion from a small regional entity and turned it into an International powerhouse. It has not been easy, however, as X has encountered lawsuit, sexual harassment allegations, the defection of talent to other promotions and a successful coup. Throughout it all, X has never wavered from his plan to make apartment wrestling a mainstream sports juggernaut. X recently sat down to talk to us and answer some questions.

Q: A question that is asked quite often by fans is who would be considered the greatest champion in ACW? Who would be your choice?

Tanako X: Choosing one person as the greatest champion is certainly subject to a lot of considerations, including personal relationships, talent and overall impact on the promotion. Heaven certainly had a great impact and helped to bring us into the mainstream. Her look and her attitude garnered a lot of media attention and allowed to to cross-promote with other entities around the world. Unfortunately her talent was in many ways suspect and her attitude ended up harming the promotion significantly.Diane Hunter did a good job during her tenure and showed that hard work and perseverance can lead to great rewards. Ultimately, I would have to put Daniella Cartier as the top champion we have had. She has world class talent, conduct herself well as a representative of the company and has dealt well with a lot of adversity. Her title chase to get the belt from Heaven and then to regain it from Diane would have caused most girls to quit and give up. Instead she kept her composure and waited for her opportunity. I hope future competitors will heed her example.

Q: Who would you say has been the most pleasant surprise amongst the ACW girls?

Tanako X: Another difficult question. There are a couple girls that I though, well, I really thought it was a reach for them to even be in the promotion. Daisee Douglas comes to mind. I didn’t see anything really special about her but she always put on a very good competitive match. Mandy Taylor was a gamble on our parts but she has performed better than expected. Tiffani “Carmen” Jones certainly stands out. She is so small you wouldn’t think she could hang in there for 30 seconds but she went up against the best the promotion could offer and she kicked butt. She won the Inter-Condominum belt, toppled the Giant Taylor Wilson, just really succeeded beyond any of our expectations. Throw on top of that that she has appeared in Playboy magazine and PlayboyTV. She has really represented us well.

Q: On the other hand, who would you say has been the biggest disappointment?

Tanako X: I could write a book about this. Certainly the whole debacle with Heaven was a devastating disappointment because it came out of nowhere and ultimately didn’t helped anyone. Miranda Alexander was a big disappointment because we really thought she was going places. We built huge marketing campaign around her and were going to push her to the moon. She was beautiful, had decent skills but ultimately she was lazy. She not only didn’t live up to our expectations, she because a hindrance as we kept waiting for er to get in shape, improve her skills and step up. Finally we just cut bait. She was the biggest surprise in that manner because I really guessed wrong on that. Taylor Wilson was a disappointment because we thought she was really marketable and had the the and strength to be dominant. Unfortunately, she also has a personality that made her very hard to work with. When she returned and seemed to be in the best mind set, from our perspective, she seems to have lost all of her talent and intensity….

Q: Go on.

Tanako XBarbie Mayfield was an early favorite of ours and worked very well for a while but when she brought in her cousin Amber, things went downhill. She and Amber held us up during the Nova Scotia tour demanding more money so we fired them both. Jenna Johnson was a disappointment because her injuries cut her career so short. We thought Angela Foster had some potential before she embarked upon her porn career. Cassidy Collins had some potential to appeal to certain markets but she couldn’t keep her mouth closed long enough to keep from getting fired. There have been a lot of disappointments in this bunch.

Tanako X - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
: What would you was one of the better gambles that you took?

Tanako X: Probably the most important gamble we too was bringing in the Motor City Posse. These were relatively unknown girls with very little experience but we brought them in when we were having a lot of problem with our talent. The veterans were getting too big for their britches, both literally and figuratively, and bringing in the Posse showed them that they could easily be replaced. Now Libby Watson and Chrissy Daniels didn’t really work out, but as I said earlier, we were pleasantly surprised with Tiffani.

Q: Who would you say has the best chance at beating Daniella Cartier for the ACW championship?

Tanako X: Off the top of my head, I would point to three girls. Alex Del Monacco seems to have it all. She is very sexy, has a great grappling background and a lot of drive. Rosario Delgado is better than we could have ever expected and as the competitive spirit to beat anyone on the right day. If I had to put my money on one person, right now, I’d put it on Brycee Adams. She doesn’t have the natural talent that Alex and Rosario possess but she has that certain something, a mixture of confidence, size and smarts to find way to beat Daniella. Having said that, I’ve seen a lot of girls get right to the pinnacle and self-destruct so everything is a crap shoot.

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