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They call her little. not because she is small in stature (4′ 11″, 96 lbs.) or because of her youth. They call her Little because she tells them to.

Little is the newest addition to the ACW roster, the winner of the second ACW United States Talent Search. Her consecutive victories over fellow contender Kiana Price cemented her path into the promotion. Many felt the deck was stacked against her, due to her age, size and inexperience. At first glance she can come across as shy and out of her element. Very quickly, however, she changes gears. “When I first meet people, they think I’m shy or intimidated, but I’m really just sizing them up. If they’re cool with me, then I’m cool with them, but if they want to mess with me, I don’t give a fuck. I can kick ass and I bring something new to ACW. That’s why I won the Talent Search competition.”

What Little brings to the promotion is a Gen-Y enthusiasm and approach to apartment wrestling. Her free-sprited, confident nature has served her well in training matches against seasoned opponents, but her athleticism sets her apart from the established veteran stars. “I’ve done a lot of research on the ACW girls and there are a lot of new faces. A lot of the old guard is getting sent out to pasture, so Brycee, Alex, Rosario… they’re all young and talented, but I’m younger and I have a lot more upside than they do.”

Part of that upside has to do with her gymnastic skills combined with a daredevil mind set. “She was wrestling Kiana last month and Kiana had her on the ground and told her to stay there,” said veteran ACW cinematographer Lex Cole. “All of a sudden, Little does a kip-up, and jumps into a Thesz press. I couldn’t believe it. She was so matter of fact about it that I had to look back at the tape and make sure she did it.”

In fact, some of Little exploits have been so spectacular that management has had to tame her some. “After the kip-up, she was beating up Kiana,” continued Cole.” She kept beating her with this pillow and Kiana started talking shit. Little threw the pillow in Kiana’s face, does a cartwheel into a handstand into a hurracanrana into a sunset flip into a pin.” ACW President Tanako X was watching as well, and while equally impressed, was clearly nervous. “While I am very enthusiastic about having her with us in ACW, some of the things she is able to do are pretty dangerous. To her, they are second nature but I wouldn’t want any of our other girls trying to imitate her and end up hurting themselves or an opponent.”

Little also brings an air of mystery with her. Her accent would tend to indicate is grew up in the southern midwest of the United States but she lists her hometown as Parts Unknown, Illinois, a town that doesn’t exist on any known map. When pressed on this she says bluntly “You don’t need to know where I’m from. Just watch where I’m going.”

Unlike many catfight competitors, she was never a fan or professional wrestling. Instead she was drawn to the sport after seeing the ACW champion in a local commercial. “They ran a commercial with her, showing her wrestling and I knew I could do that. Then I did some research and saw that I could do more than most of the other girls can do.” She doesn’t worry that her lack of training or experience will hinder her. “I can always learn more. I can watch tapes and practice. Like I said, all that ‘she can’t do this or she can’t do that’ is bullshit. If people want to say that, I don’t give a fuck.”

That attitude will certainly endear her to many of the fans. At a recent meet and greet where she was being introduced to the catfight media, Little left the press briefing and sat down with some fans who had gathered and ended up having lunch with them. Later in the days, she called around and gave interviews to many of those press members, to make sure they didn’t have any questions for her. “One of the first things to impress me was that she really knows how to conduct herself,” said Jarrod Brooks, of Under the Pillow, an industry magazine. “She didn’t try to BS me, just answered my questions and asked me some. The thing is, you can tell that she wants to make it in this business and she wants to make it big. In other words, there are some people who naturally know how to get what they want and they get it.”

For Little, the question is whether her youth will overcome her natural abilities. Time will tell but in the eyes of most ACW insiders, her future is bright.

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