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Little vs. Kiana Price -

Having survived amongst over 100 competitors, Kiana Price and her opponent, Little, entered the match with the pressure of knowing that the winner would be named the winner of the second ACW United States Talent Search and the recipient of a one year ACW contract. Little, the 4′ 11″, 96 lbs. dynamo knew she would have to take dramatic steps to counter Kiana’s superior size and strength. She started out by playing mind game, walking out wearing a mask. Kiana was unimpressed and started the match by grabbing the smaller woman and leaning into her to help wear her down. Upon gaining a decided advantage she went to make her first big move.

Little - Price pulled up Little and appeared ready to deliver a sit-down piledriver, a move that is illegal in ACW and would have disqualified her in the match. Fortunately for her, her opponent wiggled out of the hold, slipping down to the floor and jumping to her feet. The escape did nothing to diminish Price’s confidence a she again went on the attack. She tried again to get Little in position for another piledriver but settled for pushing her to the ground where she again began wearing her down. Pushing Little’s face into the ground she saw that she was not having the desired affect because of Little’s mask. Kiana’s concentration switched to pulling it off. Little, showing her inexperience, battled to keep the mask on, despite the fact that it was hindering her vision. Eventually, Kiana won out, pulling the mask off and pushing it into a demoralized Little’s face. No, in complete control, she moved to apply a submission hold.

As Price went to apply a sharpshooter, a desperate Little did the only thing she could. She reached out and grabbed Kiana’s booty shorts, yanking them down, thus disrupting Price’s concentration. The reprieve was short-lived as an infuriated Kiana launched into a full-out demeaning attack, pulling of Little’s bikini top and then bottoms. Little, however, was determined to give as well as she got, pulling off both Price’s shorts and her top. No, with both girls naked, it looked as if Little would have an opportunity to find herself on an even playing field. Kiana thought differently.
Despite Little’s scrappiness, Kiana still had a size advantage and worked the smaller girl down to the ground. Spinning behind her she forced Little’s face and breasts into the ground while bending her arm upwards and placing pressure on her back, forcing Little to lift her bottom passively into the air.

As Price attempted to apply more pressure on Little’s arm, she momentarily lost her balance. That was all Little needed to make her escape. Once free, little took to the offensive, spinning Kiana around and applying a Boston crab. Kiana, taken off guard, momentarily was unable to counter. However, because of the size disparity prevented the smaller Little from cinching in the hold. When Little moved forward to try to get a better hold, Kiana spun sideways and escaped.

Kiana went back to what was working, grabbing Little and pulling her up for what appeared to be another piledriver attempt. instead, she decided to simply use her size and strength to wear her opponent down. Holding Little upside down, Kiana applied an inverted bear-hug with brutal aggressiveness. After what appeared to be several minutes of squeezing torture, Kiana dumped Little onto the ground.

Not skipping a beat, she grabbed the smaller girl and dragged her by her arms backwards. With Little sitting spread eagle, Kiana employed a painful double wrist lock and demanded that her opponent give up. Little however, didn’t speak a word, but instead howled in pain.

This is it bitch, Kiana screeched. She had dragged Little back to the couch and applied a sitting triangle choke hold. The smaller girl was unable to reach up to pull herself out of the hold, but she would not give up. Kiana began loosening her hold and then cranking it tight again. The third time she loosened it, however, Little made her escape.

In a flash, little scrambled to her feet and forcing Price to the ground, circled around her and mounted her like a jockey. She applied a choke hold while pushing her crotch into Kiana’s back. As Kiana grimaced in pain, Little tried to wrap her legs around the bigger girl to cause her even more pain, but Kiana quickly reached up and grabbed Little’s hair, pulling her forward.
From here the two girls traded offenses. Kiana smacked Little on her bottom, prompting Little to do a jumping Lou Thesz press. As Little pushed her taut breasts into Kiana’s face, Price sat up putting Little into another bear hug. Little, while in pain, maneuvered to wrap her legs around Price’s torso. As she squeezed with all of her might, Kiana fought to get loose.

In order to get out of the hold, Kiana started flailing her arms, trying to slap Little in the face. Little slapped right back and the two appeared to realize that neither was gaining or maintaining an advantage. The two rolled apart, wearily retreating back to a safe position. As they breathed heavily, the two girls faced each other knowing each was desperate to win the match and the ACW contract.

As Kiana panted, Little ran into one of the bedrooms and grabbed a pillow. Returning to the living room she heard Kiana laugh, asking “What are you going to do with that?” Before the words could make their way out of Kiana’s mouth, Little threw a pillow in her face.

With Kiana momentarily distracted, Little rolled into a cartwheel handstand. When Kiana saw what she was doing, she moved slightly forward to try for another piledriver. This would prove to be a costly decision.

Little’s legs came crashing down on Kiana’s shoulders. As Kiana shouted in pain, Little didn’t hesitate for a moment, pulling her forward with a hurracanranna.

As she was being pulled forward, Kiana saw one last opportunity. Rolling with the hurracanrana, she tried to score a rollup pin, counting one and then two. Before she could count three, however, Little continued the momentum, yanking Price over and rolled into position.

Finally, after being on the wrong end of the action, Little found herself in control. As Kiana tried to reach for the couch, Little grabbed at her hands. A desperate Kiana knew she was in trouble and failed about to keep Little from grabbing them. After several moments of trying to grab her opponent, Little moved in for the kill.
Inch by inch Little move forward, up Kiana’s body until her crotch was pressed into Price’s face. Squatting down hard, she waited until Kiana couldn’t breath. When Kiana reached up to try to pull the smaller girl off, Little secured both of her hands, slowly forcing them down as she pressed Kiana’s shoulders into the ground. With barely the strength to breath, she huskily counted one, two, three.

As it dawned on Kiana what had happened, she refused to concede the match and the competition. She cursed at Little , swearing she hadn’t been pinned. Little, however, was ready. As she loomed over top of Price she raised her fist and promise to smash it into her victims mouth. A tearful Price whimpered her submission.
In a great match between two keen competitors, Little proved victorious. Kiana proved herself to be a great competitor and it would seem likely that she will be invited to train at the ACW dojo. In her win, however, Little displayed some of the flair and athleticism that has ACW abuzz and she looks to be the bright new star of 2006.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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