Brycee Adams -
Brycee Adams has shocked ACW
racking up up eight straight wins to vault over all other competitors and is now the number one ranked contender. As was to be expected, her new ranking has caused a great deal of turmoil within the ACW roster. Adams entered the promotion in the Fall of 2005 in what many have deemed the best class of new wrestlers to ever enter the promotion. With her storied background, many viewed Brycee as a competent wrestler but more of a novelty act than a potential champion. All of that changed in June 2006.

Diane Hunter, a former ACW champion has been trying to get back on track and issued a challenge to a number of the newcomers , including Adams. Annina Oksana declined to take her up on a match as did Staci Jones.

Adams, however, not only took her up on her challenge but promised to whip her ass. Hunter was not at all amused, and as anyone who knows her can attest to, Diane does not take kindly to trash-talk. While her catfighting skills are not of the same caliber as Alex Del Monacco, she has proved to be a competent wrestler, but her greatest attribute is her power of intimidation. Matched up against the wrestler known as “the Intimidator,” there would be no room for trash-talk… Brycee would have to bring it.

Hunter entered the match in an angry mood. “I don’t like being disrespected,” explained the former champ. “After all I’ve been through, I think it is an insult that management brought a bunch of these silly bimbos in the first place. What’s worse is that they don’t know their place. They act like this is some fun game, but I have been in this business for more than ten years and I take it seriously. I issued the challenge because I want to teach these girls a lesson. After I twist them in knots a few times, maybe they’ll rethink their career options.

As the match started, Hunter began bullying Adams, letting her know that she should go home and pack her bags. Adams responded by slapping the former champ across the face, saying “just wrestle bitch.” As the two circled, Hunter continued to talk trash, but Brycee would not take the bait, staying deadly serious. Finally the two came together in a collar and elbow lockup. Brycee drew Diane close and burst into a frenzied laughter. As Hunter tried to pull away, Adams held held her grip, continuing to laugh maniacally. When the two separated, Brycee became quiet and serious again. Each time they locked up again, Brycee would again begin howling with laughter. Finally, Hunter had had enough. She maneuvered behind Adams, forcing her to the ground and placing her in a single-arm chicken wing. The harder Hunter applied pressure, the more Adams would begin to giggle until she broke out into full laughter. A frustrated Hunter shifted her weight to apply more pressure and Adams spun to her right and escaped the hold, howling with laughter at her accomplishment. This would be the ebb and flow of the entire match with Hunter being the consummate wrestling technician and Adams being an escape artist. As the match wore on, however, it was clear that the frustration had begun seriously wearing on Hunter. “Usually Diane contain take down anyone in a couple seconds and shut them up and shut them down,” said Masahiro X, a member of ACW management. “In this instance, the more Brycee laughed, the more it seemed to take Diane’s focus away.” After 15 minutes of back and forth action, Adams delivered a kick to Hunter’s rear end, knocking her off balance. Brycee saw her opportunity and jumped on Diane’s back, causing the full weight of both of them to fall fully on the former champion. With the wind knocked out of her, Hunter could offer only feeble resistance as Brycee counted to three for a clean pinfall.

Brycee Adams -
While Adams was giving a post-match interview, 
an angry Diane Hunter pointed a finger in her chest and declared the victory a fluke. Brycee again responded by slapping Hunter across the face, screaming like a banshee as the were separated, telling Hunter “we can go again, right now bitch.. Same result.” A return match was scheduled for mid-June.

Rather than savour her victory, Brycee went on the road, taking a non-sanctioned match against Western States Catfight champion Veronica Price. Adams disposed of Price in four minutes, causing her to tap out after applying an inverted STF hold. Even with Veronica conceding the match, Adams refused to release the hold, hollering “What’s my name bitch.? Say it. The Mighty Brycee.” When Price finally whispered “Mighty Brycee,” Adams released her saying “That’s all you had to say, Honey.”

The second match against Diane Hunter began with the two circling. Diane Hunter, eager to prove Brycee’s victory as a fluke began taunting the younger star. In the middle of Hunter’s trash-talk, Adams interrupted saying “Forty seconds.

A confused Diane Hunter was immediately attack with a barrage of kicks and slaps by Adams. Brycee attempted repeatedly to get behind Hunter and Hunter, deftly moved away. After several of these attempts, Brycee waited until Hunter began to spin around and leapt on Hunter’s back with a reverse Lou Thesz press, again toppling both girls forward with the full weight of both of their bodies crashing down on Hunter’s front. Again, Adams secured the easy pinfall.

During the post-match interview, Adams proclaimed that the match was a foregone conclusion. “There are times in the sport where one wrestler has the other girl’s number. Diane shouldn’t feel bad. I’ve just got hers.”As the dazed former champion was being helped out of the room, Adams called out to her. “Diane, June 30th. I want another match with you on June 30th. I’m out to prove a point. I’m going to beat you again. This isn’t personal, it’s just my time. And by the way, forty seconds… That’s how long it took me to whip your ass.”

Brycee Adams -
In the sport of apartment wrestling, 
most competitors only engage in one or two matches each month. With two victories over former champion Diane Hunter, Brycee Adams would have been expected to take the rest of the month off to prepare for the third match. Instead she took six more opponents in a 10 day span, an unheard of accomplishment. She defeated Carly Brushion with a step-over toehold, choked out Paula Deaton, and got Kate Philips to submit to a surfboard stretch. Returning veterans Tabitha Van Dyne and Niki Foxe quickly fell. Van Dyne to the sharpshooter in 7 minutes and Foxe to a Caracas armbar in two minutes. Finally she defeated Nyla Jay Romero in a 19 minute match. The exhausting 10 days would seemed to have prepared Brycee to be delivered right into Diane Hunter’s trap. A focused Hunter had trained for two weeks . In interviews she repeatedly told everyone that she would win the rematch, that she would knocked Adams off of her high horse and reclaim her position as the top contender for Daniella Cartier’s title belt. The much-feared “Chicago Shooter” vowed to wipe the floor with Adams. Adams, in response, was strangely quiet.

The match started with Hunter on the offense. She brought the attack to Adams, throwing flurries of moves in an attempt to overpower the younger girl. Adams quietly parried with her, fighting off the attack. “Where’s all your trash-talking now bitch?” Hunter growled. Adams remained quiet and watched Hunter as she carefully maneuvered so as not to turn her back to Brycee. After six minutes, Brycee began giggling. Her laughter grew and grew until she was screeching with delight As Hunter refused to turn her back, Adams slowly moved towards her. As Diane backed away, Brycee leapt forward, toppling Hunter with a Thesz press and leaned forward, smothering Diane with her breasts. When Hunter reached with both arms to push Adams away, Brycee jabbed both hands through Hunters, pulling up and back for a butterfly wing stretch. In an instant it was over, as the pain crippled Hunter, who quickly submitted.

Brycee Adams performance in June rocketed her into the top contenders spot. And she now seems poised to make a run at ACW champion Daniella Cariter’s title belt. The usually supremely confident Cartier, after her many brutal battles with Diane Hunter was forced to take notice of Adams impressive run as has everyone else in ACW.