Introducing Nyla Jay Romero

Nyla Jay Romero -

Nyla Jay Romero -
Nyla Jay Romero – the Cutie with the Booty! 
Entering the ranks of ACW competition, she has brought a breath of fresh air to the promotion. At 19 years old, Romero brings a youthful enthusiasm with her but none of the drama or political maneuvering that has become a common trait amongst wrestling veterans. “Nyla has been a delight so far,” says ACW President Tanako X. “Her enthusiasm has become infectious and she’s humble and willing to learn. We’re very happy with her so far.”

When X says so far, it is with an awareness that the apartment wrestling industry is a breeding ground for resentment, backstabbing and greed and that very few women exit the industry with the same mind set as they had when they entered.

Tanner Scott, an industry analyst is well aware of the pitfalls within the industry and has seen many a nice girl turn bitter and difficult. “I’m sure ACW management looks at Nyla Jay and will look to take steps to keep her away from bad influences. I wish them luck. These girls are so catty and mean, it’s no wonder the turnover can be so high in a company’s roster.”

Regardless of these negative possibilities, X is enthusiastic about Romero’s possibilities. “Look, if I had my druthers, I would have a thousand and one Nyla Jay’s on my roster instead of a thousand and two headaches. She is nice and pleasant, she’s attractive, she is talented and most importantly, she is a very determined hard worker. We need to change the industry to where these attributes are being rewarded and these type of girls are being pushed prominently. It’s a shame because great personalities have always driven the entertainment industry, but many of the performers in the apartment wrestling world are more about trash-talk and self-promotion than making the industry bigger and more successful. This ends up hurting everyone, especially the girls in the long-term picture. The other promoters can do what they want, but the industry is an evolving one and the girls aren’t the only ones who help to shape things.”

Nyla Jay Romero -
Nyla entered the industry
 like a number of new girls. As an aspiring model and actress, she answered an ad and an agent pointed her towards fitness modeling and towards apartment wrestling as a stepping stone.

“I was like… huh.. OK. Whatever… I’ll give it a try,” Nyla recalled. Romero was given a tryout against newcomer Susan Cottrell. Romero was naturally aggressive and totally dominated her opponent. She was invited to train at the ACW Academy dojo in Chicago and worked under trainer (and former apartment wrestling great) Lisa Nash. “Nyla was very surprising,” laughed Nash. “She didn’t have great technique nor any discernable wrestling skills, but she did have a lot of moxie. She could trash-talk without being obnoxious. She also wanted to learn, so she listened. I really enjoyed her as a student and I think she has serious potential.”

Despite so many positive reviews, not everyone is excited about her emergence. “Fuck Nyla Romero and all the little smiling happy bitches that are going to follow,” said former ACW champion Diane Hunter. “ACW ought to just promote the most talented people and let the other stuff sort itself out. Instead, they keep trying to manage everyone’s personality and force their favorites on everyone. In my opinion, Nyla Jay is going to be the next Bob Backlund. Hey, she may become successful like Backlund, but remember he paled in comparison to Superstar Billy Graham who he replaced as champ. Graham revolutionized the industry but the WWWF made up their mind to push the “good guy” and he fell on his face. ACW is doing the same thing now trying to force the “nice girls” on the fans.”

Nyla takes it in stride. “I’m young and I’m new and I’ll just watch my step and learn but I’m not going to back down just because some people don’t like me or want me to be successful. I’m just excited and nobody’s going to take that away from me.”

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