Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero 2

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero -

As Nyla Jay Romero looked to make her ACW debut, she wasn’t feeling the pressure that most newcomers bring to match. The happy-go-lucky 19-year old was just happy to have the opportunity to make her mark in the promotion. She wouldn’t have an easy time, however as she was matched up against the talented rookie Alex Del Monacco. Del Monacco wasn’t sure whether Romero was taking the match seriously and was determined to find out.

Alex Del Monacco - apartmentwrestlers.comAs the match began, Del Monacco took control…

Del Monacco took it to Romero, grabbing her in a horizontal arm stretch. Moving her foot from Nyla’s ribs to her throat, Alex looked for the younger girl to beg for mercy but Nyla kept fighting back. Not afraid to get hurt, she threw herself and her opponent to the floor, stunning the taller Del Monacco.

Stunned, Del Monacco crumpled to the ground. Nyla’s poise belied the fact that she was in her first official match as she calmly asserted herself. Grabbing Del Monacco’s wrist, she drove her knee into her back. Before Alex could react, Nyla reached down and grabbed the strings of Alex’s bikini top and ripped them loose.

As Del Monacco’s breasts bounced free, Romero began screaming at her to quit. Unfortunately, Nyla had awakened the beast within…

Del Monacco retuned the favor, ripping of Romero’s top. Wrestling Nyla Jay back onto the couch, she wrapped her long legs around her throat and tried to choke her out. Not satisfied with a quick win, she decided to punish her opponent, pulling on her hair and forcing a foot in her crotch.

Alex grabbed Romero by the hair and by the thong, and marched her up the stairs. Romero tried to struggle and get out of the predicament but Del Monacco held firm. Eventually she moved in front and dragged her up for a worse beating.

Throwing her helpless opponent on the bed, Alex again decided not to go for the pin and instead mauled the younger girl, squeezing and twisting her breast while locking on a painful leg scissors hold. Finally she demanded that Romero give up. Despite the pain, Nyla refused to give in, fighting back as best she could.

Again, despite her valiant effort, Nyla was outmatched. When she again refused to surrender, Alex decided to make her pay. Maneuvering behind her, Alex pulled Nyla’s thing painfully upwards. Mocking her opponent, Del Monacco started “riding” her, adding humiliation to the pain.

As Nyla appeared more and more helpless, Alex became more and more frenzied in her efforts. Telling Romero that this could last all night, she double-fish hooked her, laughing and taunting her. Nyla appeared on the verge of tears or the verge of collapsing, but she struggled to make one more attempt to escape.

With great effort, Nyla lurched backwards, knocking Alex off-balance. Grasping for any help, she found a pillow and began battering Del Monacco with it. When the taller star toppled, Romero didn’t miss a beat, jumping on top of her and shoving her large breasts in Del Monacco’s face.

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero - apartmentwrestlers.comFinally, the weight of her efforts proved too much, and Romero collapsed from exhaustion. Almost unconscious, she fell forward in a heap. Del Monacco wasn’t going to take any more chances and put Romero in a hammerlock, imploring her to tap out. When Nyla failed to respond, Alex rolled her over and quietly pinned her.

Nyla Jay Romero came out on the losing in her debut match but she gained a great deal of respect from the ACW locker because of her valiant fight and she definitely has ACW management thinking about a big push in the future.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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