Introducing Mandy Taylor

Mandy Taylor -

Mandy Taylor -
Outlandish, outrageous, unpredictable. 
Those are three of the words used to describe ACW’s most interesting new star in years. Mandy Taylor is not a girl with a past… She’s a girl with a present, and that has many in ACW standing on their ears.

Mandy Taylor is part of the Fall 2005 stable of ACW newcomers. Her performances so far have been judged very favorably. Able-bodied and confident, Taylor has taken to apartment wrestling very naturally, racking up a number of victories and positioning herself to move up in the power rankings. However, she has become noteworthy more for her other career than her current talent. In a promotion noted for sexy competitors, Mandy may be the sexiest of all, being a noted veteran of the adult sex video industry. Taylor is the veteran of more than 35 adult videos, including More Dirty Debutantes #288, American Bukakke #24 and 18 and Nasty #37.

Unlike many people with scandals in their past, Taylor does not shy away from her adult career, nor downplay it. “I love my porn work,” Taylor said. “It’s fun, I get to travel and it’s great money. A lot of people try to put their spin on it and puff out their chests and make judgments about me or the industry, but they don’t really know a lot about the business and they don’t see how I deal with it. To me, it’s a job that I like.”

Taylor helps to promote herself through her own web site ( and is very outspoken about her goals. She does, however, want to maintain a separation between her work as an actress and her work as an apartment wrestler. “I’m not ashamed of either career, but I don’t want to be pigeon-holed because of either one. When I’m on the set, I don’t want to be typecast in catfight roles and when I’m in a match, I don’t want to get into a lot of trash talk about being a porn vixen.” Herein lies the quirk in Taylor’s behavior that has a lot of people talking about her and a number of wrestlers intimidated by her.

Mandy Taylor -
Taylor possesses a range of personas and 
can put herself in different mind sets when presented with certain commentsA number of competitors have made references to her porn career while trash talking during matches and Mandy’s reaction has been very demonstrative. Cassidy Collins called her a porn whore, prompting Taylor to slap her across the face with such force that she knocked out a filling from one of Collin’s teeth. “I was watching the match and girlfriend flipped the hell out,”said ACW champion Daniella Cartier. “I didn’t know a lot about her and didn’t think she was all that as a wrestler but when Cassidy called her that, Mandy scared the hell out of me.” The match was interrupted by ACW officials as Taylor appeared ready to pummel Collins, who was no longer in a position to defend herself.

Taylor is unrepentant about her actions. “She deserved what she got,” said Mandy. “There was no reason for that and if another girl wants to run her mouth like that, I’ll try to knock one of her teeth out too.”

While she can be vicious when pushed, Taylor’s behavior can swing to the bizarre side. During a match against Alex Del Monacco, Mandy broke down and started speaking like a child. Del Monacco would later say “that bitch is crazy. I mean there is something really wrong with her. I don’t care what they say, I’m not wrestling her again. I was waiting for her head to start spinning.” Taylor, however, argues that it is all like part of a greater plan. “I’m thinking long term,” she says. “I’m just planting seeds here and there and those seeds will stay with people for a while.”

While her journey in ACW is just beginning, one thing about her is certain… she marches to the beat of her own drummer. One way or another, however, a number of fellow competitors will be jumping out of her way, intimidated by her complex nature and as she says “that’s just the way I want it.

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