Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado 2

Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com

Rosario Delgado learned in their last matchup that you have to take the action to Daniella Cartier. As the match began, she did just that, quickly circling around Cartier and grabbing her from behind. Pulling at Cartier’s hair she began screaming in her ears in Spanish.

Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com Cartier was finally able to break away and circled around the bed and put Rosario in a front face-lock. Delgado squealed in pain as she fought to get away. Finally, she was able to squirm loose and as Cartier lunged to regain control, Rosario dodged her and moved behind her again.

Again she was able to gain the advantage, and this time she tried to end it quickly, cinching in a choke hold, hoping to render her larger opponent unconscious. Cartier was unprepared, and struggled to maintain control. As her strength ebbed, she fought and fought, but to no avail. As she slumped forward on the bed, she was too close to the edge and both contestants pitched forward, toppling both of them onto the floor.

Cartier gasped, drawing in much-needed air. The impact of the fall disoriented Delgado and both girls were now starting from scratch.

Cartier was still worse for the wear, so Delgado once again pressed the attack. This time unable to reach Daniella’s throat, she began working on her leg, twisting the ankle hoping to gain a submission.

Cartier attempted to kick her way out of the predicament but Delgado deftly avoided the attempts, pushing her off-balance for back onto her face. Cartier, clearly frustrated, became desperate. She was now prepared for Rosario’s tenacious offense and had been caught without a proper defense. She tried to lunge to the floor but Rosario held fast. In a last act of desperation, Cartier risked putting herself into a certain pinning predicament, twisting onto her back and smacking Delgado on the back of her head with a well-placed heel.

Gaining a momentary reprieve, sought to escape but Delgado was ready for her. She circled around her confused opponent and leaped forward at her, attempting a Thesz press. Relying solely on instincts, Cartier caught her in one motion, and carried out an inverted, overhead scoop slam, knocking the wind out of Delgado. Surprised and gasping for air, Rosario could no longer defend herself. Exhausted, Cartier could barely move and had to crawl to get on top of her opponent. Barely able to get the words out Daniella counted the pin.

As both girls lay their drenched in perspiration, an obviously angry and frustrated Delgado launched into a tirade, slapping and scratching at Cartier. Daniella tried to fend her off until the two broke into an open assault upon one another, prompting ACW officials to intervene.

While Delgado was unsuccessful in this match up, the post match confrontation certainly sets the stage for another memorable rematch.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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