Introducing Alex Del Monacco

Alex Del Monacco -

Alex Del Monacco -
Like so many before her, Alex Del Monacco
 enters Apartment Championship Wrestling already having to prove that she is not just another pretty face. Instead, the promotion has found her to be an extremely accomplished technical wrestler with a serious mean streak. Del Monacco is another of the new breed of competitors entering the promotion over the last few months.

At 5’4″ 117 lbs., Alex is best known as one of the most sought after models on the internet, recently featured in Phila Magazine. Sleek and sexy, she seems like the least likely candidate to be found rolling around on the floor grappling with an opponent but she is incredibly strong and amazingly quick. Most surprisingly, she has an immense and robust knowledge of grappling holds as well as wrestling psychology. “I’m a student of the game,” she says. “I have watched WWE for years and was a big fan of ECW and WCW, so I developed a pretty good grasp of the business. Now, I just have to adapt my mind set towards apartment wrestling.”

ACW’s latest golden girl believes she will make a noticeable impact on the promotion over the coming months. “Part of my decision to sign with ACW right now is that there is a lot of turnover in the roster. A bunch of the older girls are being put out to pasture and they’re bringing in a lot of new chicks. I have a leg up on them and I’ve got a lot of assets that make me the right women to push to the top.”

Del Monacco isn’t shy when it comes to discussing her assets either. “I know I’m a hot bitch. Everyone knows I’m a hot bitch. I have the longest lines of fans at Glamourcon, I have so many requests for photo shoots I had to hire a new management team and my web site is getting so much traffic it has crashed my server four times in December. Del Monacco’s web site ( has already become a source of contention within ACW. ACW usually obtains ownership of each competitors web site as a part of its standard contractual arrangement. Del Monacco, however, had previously placed ownership and control of her site in the name of one of her representatives.

For ACW to claim ownership over the site, it would ensure another court battle for the promotion, something ACW President Tanako X is sure to want to avoid. “With all of the things we have in mind for Alex, the web site is a bridge we’ll cross when we get to it,” said X. X is very pleased with his latest recruits and believes Del Monacco will quickly distinguish herself. “Cream rises to the top. Alex already has certain advantages over her fellow competitors but she is far more talented and technically sound than any newcomer in recent history. She is a star in the making and we’re excited about her prospects.”

Alex Del Monacco -

As usual, however, nothing new in ACW is met with smiling faces and open arms. Del Monacco’s entrance was met with an emphatic “so what” by new ACW champion Daniella Cartier. “She’s blond, she’s beautiful, she’s blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard it before, every time some blond bimbo comes shaking her ass in the promotion. What is it with blondes anyway. Let her wait for her chance before she gets a big push. Hopefully she’ll keep quiet, know her place and not ruffle any feathers, because if she ruffles mine, I’ll send her sorry ass right back to Glamourcon.”


The trash talk was not limited to Cartier, however. Brycee Adams, another member of the Fall 2005 class of newcomers cuts Del Monacco even less slack. “I don’t care what her web site does or how many pathetic fools stand in line to see her. It comes down to one-on-one on the floor. A pretty face and a french manicure don’t impress me. When it comes down to brass tacks, I can whip her ass and will make her tap. She might be dreaming about a title match, but she better wake up because I’m the first one of us in line.”

Alex Del Monacco has brought a fresh face to ACW and, it would appear, has a lot of expectations and a lot of pressure riding on her. With a nonchalant attitude, she dismisses any talk of it. “I’m here, I’m happy and I’m gonna be hell on wheels for anybody in my face. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Alex Del Monacco, soon to be ACW champion.

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