Ask ACW: November 2005

Celina Vasquez -

Chrissy Martin -
 Whatever happened to the Motor City Posse? I really thought they were going to make a big impact on ACW.

A: As often happens when talented, attractive women group together, jealousy and insecurities came between the girls. In fighting between Libby Watson and Chrissy Martin caused the too to stop speaking for six months. Tiffani “Carmen Jones”, out of loyalty to Chrissy, refused to participate in any photo shoots with Watson. As Tiffani began climbing the ladder in ACW, she and Chrissy began drifting apart. Finally, when Tiffani was tapped to appear in Playboy magazine in October 2004, the Motor City Posse collapsed as all three girls went their separate ways. Tiffani has appeared in several Playboy media ventures and still wrestles on occasion in ACW. Chrissy has continued a successful Internet modeling career. Libby’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Q: Whatever happened to Angela Foster and Celina Vasquez I saw them in a short match and thought they might do pretty well in ACW.

A: Angela Foster was being groomed as an up and comer in ACW but took a detour into the world of Adult Videos. Working under the Jazmine Cashmere, she has done fairly well for herself,racking up more than 15 movies and gaining a fan following.

Celina Vasquez -
Celina Vasquez disappeared from the world of apartment wrestling after a tape of her began circulating around the internet of her giving a lap dance to a customer at a bachelor party. ACW is believed to have obtained rights to the video, although it is unclear what the promotion will do with it.

Q: How does a girl win a match in ACW? Pinfall? Submission?

A: There are a number of ways to gain a win in ACW. The first of course is a pinfall. The winner must pin both of her opponents shoulders to the floor/bed/couch for a three-count (generally counted out loud).

Another way is through a submission count out. In this situation, the loser must clearly indicate that she submits to her opponent. This is usually done vocally but often the victor will force the loser to physically tap out before releasing a hold.

A third way to win is to render your opponent unable to continue. An example of this is when a competitor passed out from exhaustion or is choked out. A final way to win a match is when an opponent is disqualified for a rule violation. For instance, a kick to the face would cause a competitor to be disqualified in the match and would likely be accompanied by a suspension.


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