Brycee Adams – the Street Hoosier Cometh

Brycee Adams -

Brycee Adams -
“Born into a society dominated by males
, Brycee Adams took matters into her own hands and fought back. Studying classical professional wrestling from the 1980’s, she set out on a course of action to right the wrongs to which females were subjected and like a flaming phoenix rising from the burning embers… the Street Hoosier was born.”

Thus was the official statement introducing Brycee Adams to Apartment Championship Wrestling. At first glance, Adams is strikingly beautiful, with pale skin contrasted by a raven-black mane of hair and accented by soft red lips. With an inviting 38D-26-38 figure which flows from her ample bosom to her curvy hips, Brycee looks like any man’s dream fantasy, but she aims to be many men’s nightmare.

Her past is cloudy, full of contradictions and shrouded in secrecy; a fact that delights Adams. “Who I am is personal to me. What I am is the embodiment of the salvation of punishment to those who dwell in the shadows of misogyny. I’m simply a dark angel in the service of meting out the cleansing shower of retribution.”

While Adams’ manner of speaking may appear lofty and melodramatic, her message is deadly serious. Adams surfaced in Gary, Indiana in 2000 after several brushes with the law. Police reports found that Brycee had visited a number of bars and clubs and observed disputes between men and women within. She was picked up for questioning after a number of these men were attacked in locations in a close proximity to the bars. The victims described a six-foot tall white female with pale skin dressed in black. Each claimed that the woman approached them with what they thought was a pickup line. Unzipping her jacket to reveal her large white breasts, she would ask “would you like to come to me for the attention that you need and deserve?” When the gullible men moved closer, they were struck with an open slap to both ears and then kneed in the temple, rendering them unconscious. When they were found, each was scarred by a spiked heel mark under their eye. Adams was brought in for questioning eight times with witness descriptions matching her perfectly. She was released each time, however, as prosecutors refused to pursue charges against her. Adams moved to Chicago in 2002 and the same types of incidents began in the Windy City, exactly as they did in Gary. Adams was again questioned, but again, never charged.

Brycee Adams -
Questions swirl when her name is brought up with many likening her to a man-hating, avenging vigilante. “Vigilantism is illegal,” she explains. “I haven’t been charged with any crimes, now have I?” Nicknamed “the Ice Queen,” she doesn’t dispute a certain disdain for men. “Men suck,” she says. “There are a few who are polite and noble and honest, but most of them are scheming, conniving pricks who thrive off of using women and getting over on them. My approach is to give them payback for what’s been done. What’s wrong with that?”

Which brings about the question of why she is involved in apartment wrestling? “I like being around strong, confident, athletic women who are beautiful, but know how to take care of themselves and who know how to fight back. I like the physical training because it keeps me in shape and I like being able to to unload some of my energy.” When asked about some of the accusations of sexual harassment in ACW, Adams pulls no punches. “If I ever see it happen, I will address it, in my own special way. So far, I haven’t seen anything inappropriate. Everyone has been respectful and treated me well.”

With the scandal-filled past few years, one would think that ACW President Tanako X would be leery of bringing in someone as openly critical of the treatment of women. “Not at all,” says X. “I find Brycee refreshing. She tells you what she thinks, is dedicated and principled and a hard worker. What else could I ask for?”

Things won’t be easy for her, however. As a novice to the sport, she will be facing women with a great deal more experience with grappling and submission skills. Nevertheless, she is excited about her prospects. “I’m fearless, I’m tenacious, and I can’t be hurt. A lot of the girls have more experience than me, but they don’t have more heart. I think I’m going to do just fine in ACW!”

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