Rosario Delgado vs. Daisee Douglas

As two of ACW’s most prized newcomers, the match between Rosario Delgado and Daisee Douglas was viewed as a battle between the two top up-and-comers in the promotion. Delgado, in matches against Daniella Cartier and Tanya Monroe, has shown herself to be competent, capable and innovative. Douglas, in impressive matches against Cassidy Collins and Cartier has proven irrepressible and relentless.

Rosario Delgado - Delgado immediately went on the offensive, trying to intimidate Douglas. Douglas responded aggressively, but Rosario was able to gain the upper hand. As the two struggled, grappling on the carpet, Delgado had the advantage, both through leveraging Douglas underneath her, and with the verbal sparring, calling Daisee a “white bitch.”

Douglas retreated across the room to regroup but Delgado would not slow down. Again and again she attacked the beautiful redhead in a relentless torrent of slaps, spans and kicks. Douglas, to her credit, refused to back down, although she did see that she was not getting any offense in. Recognizing that her prospects were going downhill, she decided on a change of pace and took off, running for the stairs with Delgado in hot pursuit.

Once upstairs, Daisee tried to turn the tables on her smaller foe. Delgado, however, was undeterred. She kept up the offensive, and continued to pick up the face, staying one step ahead of Douglas. Delgado rubbed Daisee’s face into the bed and began taunting her and seemed in complete control. Unfortunately this seemed to wake Douglas’ anger.

Douglas launched herself at her opponent, pushing her to the bed and going for the mount. Once on top of Delgado, she began throwing her around like a rag doll. Using the dimensions of the bed as a personal ring, Douglas displayed a ring generalship, controlling the pace and maintaining the direction of the match.

After suffering through Rosario’s taunts and insults, Daisee began spewing them herself. In doing so, she seemed to calm herself and focus and began having her way with Delgado. Rosario was able to escape several holds, but Douglas was able to regain control over her opponent. Emboldened she cried out to Delgado “you Latinas like to call that a booty. It’s just a Fat Ass!’ Immediately, she knew she had made a mistake.

Delgado was incensed and pushed her way out from under Douglas. With her temper simmering within, Delgado methodically wore down the larger Douglas. After mounting her, Rosario began moving her hip up towards Douglas face. Fearing that she was about to get smothered, Daisee began thrashing from side to side. Delgado patiently began talking to her, offering to free one hand so Douglas could tap out. When she refused, Delgado climbed to her feet and pressed one foot into Douglas sternum. Leaning forward, she grabbed both of Daisee’s hand and struck them on the bed three times to gain the pinfall.

Rosario Delgado vs. Daisee Douglas - Sitting astride her fallen opponent, Delgado declared herself to be the champion. Douglas, furious with the loss, shoved Rosario off of the bed, telling her to “get your nasty ass off me.” As the two traded barbs,Delgado lounged on the bed until Douglas began walking away. When Daisee was almost out of reach, Delgado unleashed a vicious kick to her leg, telling her “goodbye bitch.”

What started as a competitive match between two skilled opponents turned into the first battle in what looks to be an ugly, personal war.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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