Rosario Demands a Title Shot

Rosario Delgado -

Rosario Delgado -
Rosario Delgado has served notice within 
Apartment Championship Wrestling -she wants a title shot and she wants one soon! Delgado has quickly become a fan favorite and she knows it. “Look at the fan mail I get and listen to how many phone calls ACW gets because of me. They need to make me happy or I’m out of here.”

Delgado has gained a lot of notoriety world-wide, a fact that concerns ACW management. “She has a lot of intangibles and a charisma that I can’t explain and she is getting a lot of international interest,” said returning ACW President Tanako X. “We will monitor the situation and work to keep her on our roster.”

It might not be that simple, as Delgado has more leverage than ACW would like. With the recent retirement of Lisa Nash and injuries to Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Daisee Douglas, Rosario has vaulted up to the # 3 spot in the rankings behind Champion Diane Hunter and top competitor Daniella Cartier. As such, her demands may need to be met.

Most apartment wrestling insiders agree that Delgado deserves to be considered as a top contender. “She has blown us away in terms of what she has brought to the table,” said German Promoter Hans Wernst. “Obviously she very attractive and has a nice figure, but who would have expected such intensity on the part of a beauty pageant contestant?” Perhaps as impressive as her intensity is her her highly-developed skill-set. She has brought an arsenal of weapons to the promotion that until now had not been seen. She utilizes an ensemble of kicks in her matches that leaves opponents bewildered and the promoters nervous. “We are concerned because we haven’t encountered some of her kicking abilities before,” said X. “We have had discussions about whether to limit or restrict some of them, but nothing is of yet definitive.”

Rosario Delgado -
Rosario will have none of that. “They want to take away my game from me. The whole point of this is for me to kick some ass, and now they want to limit me from doing t. It’s OK, because I’ve got more in my game plan that they haven’t seen yet. They can’t stop me and I won’t be stopped. They can’t protect these bitches forever and I have a hit-list ready and I’m carving up one notch at a time.”

Not everyone, however, is excited about Rosario’s emergence as a player. “Injuries or not, I’m way better than er,”says Daisee Douglas. “I’ll give her credit. She really good at what she does, but I have more experience, more wins and I deserve to be ranked higher than her. She needs to come through me to get a title shot.” AC Champion Diane Hunter agrees. “I’m not impressed by all the hype. She has some talent but she’s not the second coming and all. Cool your jets honey. It takes a long time to get to where I am.” Daniella Cartier adds “She’s not a bad wrestler… I just don’t like her. She talks too much trash and she needs to give me more respect.”

Delgado takes the nay saying in stride. “They player-hate because they know I’m all that. If they think I’m not ready, why don’t they just match up against me and get it on with me. If they can shut me up, then so be it. But they can’t , so they won’t. That’s OK. I’ll find a way to get my shot.”

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