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What has happened in ACW? Four years ago
 the promotion was the most stable organization in all of apartment wrestling. Run by the iron fist of Tanako X, the wrestlers were paid well, there was harmony in the locker room and the popularity of the promotion was growing by leaps and bounds. Over the last few years, ACW has seemed poised to spiral downward into oblivion as scandal after scandal has plagued the promotion and tainted many within. Tanako X has finally stepped in and said enough is enough and vowed to restore stability and respect to the promotion.

X has been in a year long battle with his nephew Masahiro over control of the promotion. Masahiro gained control through a series of events that started four years ago when then-champion 00Heaven alleged that she had been the victim of sexual harassment and specifically targeted Tanako X as being a sexual predator. This opened a Pandora’s box and more and more women emerged with tales of an ACW casting couch.

After a number of lawsuits, 00Heaven was defeated in a match by Daniella Cartier and left the promotion… but the damage had been done. The promotion had been tainted by the accusations and painted with a scarlet A-C-W.

While a number of wrestlers have stood beside Tanako (including former champion Cartier and top-challenger Rosario Delgado), the loudest cries (and the ones that have gotten the most press coverage) have been the cries of scandal. Among those casting allegations are current champion Diane hunter and the original wild woman, Taylor Wilson. Wilson has been the loudest and most embarrassing voices with her non-stop, relentless attacks against Tanako and management. The twice-suspended Wilson is one of the most physically talented women in all of apartment wrestling but seems more interested in stirring up trouble than in preparing for her opponents. Now Wilson has come forth in an interview with Dawn Magazine, claiming to have a videotape that will prove her allegations true. She claims to have secretly videotaped X propositioning her to have sex in return for preferential title bookings. Furthermore, she says the video shows in graphic detail a number of their lovemaking sessions as well as “perverse, kinky and nasty” sex acts between the two.

Candy Sommers - www.apartmentwrestlers.com“The thing is, I’m not saying that I didn’t like it and I’m not saying I didn’t suggest a lot of the freaky shit,” said Wilson, “but Tanako did propose sex in return for upward job mobility, and that is illegal.”

While Wilson has alleged sexual harassment, she has not filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Instead, she seems intent on being the center of controversy and on causing embarrassment for the promotion. She also hopes to make money out of the tapes. “Well, I figure the tapes of Tommy Lee and Pamela made a butt-load of money, so why not try to make some on this one.”

The idea of a sex tape floating around ACW becomes the latest in a long line of sexually-oriented media materials to come to light in the promotion. When the first allegations arose, moral turpitude provisions were a standard part of each ACW competitor’s contract. The clause forbid the girls from from engaging in outside activities that would cause embarrassment to the promotion, including appearing nude or in a sexually-suggestive manner in any media venture.

The lawsuit filed by 00Heaven was settled in part, it is believed, to avoid the court from making a determination as to the legality of the clause. Since then, an all-star lineup of ACW stars have explored non-traditional modeling opportunities. With the provision no longer in her way, 00Heaven appeared in D-Cup men’s magazine and opened an adult website. Quick to follow were Daniella Cartier, Diane Hunter and Tiffani “Carmen” Jones, who appeared in numerous men’s magazines including Playboy and Hustler. Angela Foster changed her name to Jazmine Cashmere and began a career as a porn starlet, while Dixie Monroe declared herself ready to follow in Foster’s tracks. Celina Vasquez has appeared in a video giving a lap-dance, while Candy Sommers, Dominique LeMonde, Cassidy Collins, Barbie Mayfield, Paulina Persenko, Donna Dixxon, Tabitha Van Dyne, Malaysia, Lisa Nash, Chrissy Martin and Amber Mayfield have appeared nude in photos and or video footage on adult-oriented web sites.

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Tanako X, who is gradually regaining control of the promotion has made a controversial decision. Rather than deal with the expense of litigating the validity of a morals clause, he has created a new clause for new contracts for ACW competitors which prevents ACW talent from appearing from appearing in any adult-oriented media without ACW providing management control over the content or being a party to the venture.

“The genie is out of the bottle,” say X. “Unfortunately, we can’t go back to keep apartment wrestling squeaky clean, but we can manage and control the adult-oriented content, thus preventing anyone from embarrassing the promotion by promoting and presenting it in a tawdry manner. X also announced that ACW has purchased footage and content in which a number of ACW girls appear. “Again, we would rather present and distribute the material ourselves in a manner that provides us with editorial control and allows us to present the quality products that ACW is known for.”

The content is rumored to be scheduled for release in the fall. X has not indicated which specific material would be released but has promised to fight the release of any of the footage that Wilson has claimed to have. “I have no comment regarding Ms. Wilson other than to say she has been a troublemaker ever since she got here, so I am not surprised that she is once again trying to turn things upside down in ACW. We will manage the situation as it progresses and will continue to help the promotion regain its footing as the premier apartment wrestling group in the world. You can bet on it!”