ACW Top Ten Power Rankings

Candy Sommers -

As the promotion finds itself mired in legal controversy, questions remain about who should challenge Diane Hunter for the ACW belt. The following is a look at the Top Ten Power Rankings list of contenders.

Miranda Alexander -
10. Miranda Alexander

The Hawaiian Princess has been a favorite for much of her time in ACW and seemed to have the support of management in pushing her towards greatness. However, due to what has been viewed as a lack of commitment to training and an inability to staying focused, Miranda has suffered a steady decline in the ranking and is in danger of falling out of the top ten.

9. Lisa Nash
A talented veteran, Nash has seen periods of activity due to injuries which have kept her down in the rankings. Many believe she is nearing a decision to retire but she is a feared competitor who many believe is capable of putting together a quick string of victories that could propel her to a final title shot. After a long, successful career, she has a lot of support in her corner for just such a run. It remains to be seen, however, whether her constant, nagging injuries will hold her back.

8. Veronica Van Dyne
Veronica was on her way to becoming a huge star, possessing an innate talent and a powerful body that made her an outstanding grappler. In the midst of her elevation in the rankings, she walked away from the sport, deciding to pursue a legal career. Having left many scratching their heads at her abrupt departure, Van Dyne seemed content with her new life and was not expected to ever return to her grappling career but she made another about-face when her younger sister Tabitha decided to pursue a career in ACW. Veronica lent her support and returned as an active competitor. Many believe she is among the five most talented performers in the promotion, but her dual career seems to be holding her back from reaching greater heights. A new commitment to apartment wrestling could place her at the top of the list very quickly.

Dixie Monroe - 7. Dixie Monroe 
Dixie will never be confused with the great natural wrestlers in history, but she does have the desire and staying power to continue staying in the top ten. Her willingness to give her all and to cozy up to management have kept her in the running and she seems willing to go to even greater lengths if necessary to elevate her career.

6. Fiona Price
After a six year layoff, Fiona returned to the sport with a run of seven straight victories. Her success has surprised many but the beautiful Italian native has long been viewed as one of the best in the business, but has been plagued with personal demons that have derailed her career. Even now, she is going through a messy divorce and many wonder whether she will be able to maintain her focus and make a final run at the champion. If she can, then it would look as if Price is right for a title shot.

5. Taylor Wilson 
One of the most complex performers in the history of the sport of apartment wrestling (and all sports, for that matter), Wilson is a mystery every time she steps up for a match. At times she can be the most dangerous, competitive and capable grappler in the business, but at the drop of a dime can lose her head and walk away in the middle of a match or alternatively intentionally injure her opponent. After being forced out of the promotion a few years ago, Wilson returned last year to a great bit of fanfare. Her return, however, has been less than spectacular. Apparently trying to turn over a new leaf, Wilson has calmed down and become less volatile. In doing so, however, she seems to has lost much of her intensity and the edge that made her such a feared opponent. With a number of lackluster performances under her belt, Wilson ranks high based mostly on her legend as the wildest woman in wrestling.

4. Candy Sommers
A four year veteran, Sommers is another ACW competitor at a crossroads. After a high-profile victory over Diane Hunter in her debut, Sommers has enjoyed lukewarm success, but has been able to do just enough to keep her footing on the rankings ladder. With new competition entering the promotion, Sommers needs to step up before she gets stepped over.

Rosario Delgado -

3. Rosario Delgado 

One of the brightest new stars in the promotion, Delgado has shot past a number of veterans and is now the number three contender for a title shot. Blending a combination of quickness and leverage, she has proved very difficult to beat. What makes her even more dangerous is that she has begun to experiment with even more tactics, such as implementing a series of violent kicks and jujitsu choke holds to her arsenal. Many ACW veterans scoffed at her as she entered the promotion, but after watching her, few want to face her. Rosario is confident in her ability at this young stage of her career, turning down an endorsement deal with an Argentinean cosmetic company to concentrate fully on her apartment wrestling career. Her tenacity mixed with a ferocious approach to winning make her a favorite for future success.

2. Daisee Douglas
It is unclear whether Douglas’ quick success is due to sheer natural talent or simply the fact that she is underestimated by everyone in the promotion. Douglas has yet to have a bad match and seems to make everyone she faces look better. One competitor said that she enjoyed her match with Douglas because Daisee was putting up such a competitive fight, until Douglas wore her down and defeated her. Ignoring her limited experience on the professional level, Douglas is already clamoring for a title shot. How soon she gets one may have to do with whether she can outpace Delgado in the rise in the standings but it looks more and more like Daisee is for real.

1. Daniella Cartier 
The obvious number one contender, Cartier is tired of that designation. After two years on top of the promotion, she has spent the last year battling to remain at the top of the promotion and battling management to keep from getting pushed out of the door. Daniella has not lost a match since dropping the title and seems primed to get it back unless the pressure of her constant battles with management wear her down.

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