Introducing Cassidy Collins

Cassidy Collins -

Cassidy Collins -
While many would-be ACW competitors 
don’t have what it takes to make it in the promotion, Cassidy Collins may be too much for the promotion. The 118 lbs. brunette has several of the qualities necessary for becoming a star: She’s a natural trash-talker, a gutsy competitor and too stubborn to give up. These same qualities may end up putting an end to her career before it even gets started.

Collins hails from Tampa, Florida, but moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1996. After a year of attending community college, she move to suburban Chicago and worked as a bartender in Fenton’s Pub. While working there, she met a talent scout affiliated with Stan Allen’s Midwestern Catfighting Association, where she toiled for two years before winning the promotion’s Heartland Vixen title.

Having risen to the top of the promotion, Collins was determined to make a name for herself throughout the industry, issuing challenges to catfighting and apartment wrestling champions across the globe. Unfortunately, the day after she won the title, the promotion went out of business and Collins was out of work.

In 2003, Collins contacted Apartment Championship Wrestling asking for a tryout. After interviewing her, the ACW talent coordinator recommended that the promotion pass on signing her. Cassidy responded by issuing taunts and threats towards ACW competitors as well as then President Tanako X. X vowed never to allow her in the promotion. Two years later, new President Masahiro X signed Collins to a contract, rubbing the signing in Tanako’s face.

Cassidy Collins - Upon entering the promotion, it was clear that Cassidy was not looking to make any friends. In her first interview with Step Up magazine, she took aim at a number of ACW stars. “I personally don’t see that these chicks are all that talented. In fact, I think most of them suck. Daisee Douglas is a joke. I mean where did she train? Wrestling alligators in the swamp? Rosario Delgado, Miss Beauty Queen. Someone should take her sash off and choke the bitch so I wouldn’t have to listen to her any more. Daniella Cartier… Get over yourself. She was over-rated from the get-go and now all she does is whine. Candy Sommers? Joke! Taylor Wilson? Big Joke. Tiffani Jones? Midget Joke. Screw them. The only one with any talent is Diane Hunter and I can beat her. I can beat them all, without all the whining, without all the bitching and backstabbing. I don’t need or want anyone’s help so screw them all. Screw Tanako, screw Masahiro, Diane, Daniella, all of them.”

She’s bold and blunt but will she last long enough to make her mark? If so, she needs to make a big impact fast, and she already has a lot of obstacles in her way. Undeterred and unrepentant, she has no intention of failing. “It’s put up or shut up and I don’t plan on shutting up anytime soon!”

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