Can Daniella Get a Title Shot?

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier -
In the course of the history of 
Apartment Championship Wrestling, there have been many controversies, but the most recent one seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. After some of the most hard fought battles in the history of the promotion, Diane Hunter defeated Daniella Cartier for the ACW title. In the months following, however, Hunter has refused to grant the former champion a rematch.

Described by Sugar & Spike magazine as “the most intense, thrilling, titanic series of match ups in the last 25 years,” Cartier and Hunter reached a level never before seen in apartment wrestling. A proud and confident champion, Cartier had extended numerous rematches to Hunter, the journeywoman challenger who had been battling in the trenches unnoticed for more than ten years. Many, therefore, are puzzled by Hunter’s refusal to grant rematch opportunities to Daniella.

It should not be that surprising, however, in light of Hunter’s comments after her title win. She ripped into the promotion for ignoring her dedication to the sport and loyalty to the promotion, dismissing her hard work over the years, and instead offering title shots to sexy newcomers. Six months later, Hunter’s fury has barely diminished. “I don’t know what the questions are all about. I thought I was pretty clear. I’m in charge now because I’ve got the belt. The new management understands that and they fully support me, so no matter how much whining and bitching comes out of Daniella, she won’t get a title shot until I feel like giving her one, if ever.”

“It’s really nothing against her,” Hunter says, “she was just in my way and she’s a victim of circumstance. It feels good to have the belt and good to have the power. Nobody knows how much I suffered over the years, being denied time after time. Now that I have the belt, I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can and as much as I can. Since ACW never seemed interested in giving me a shot when I was the number one challenger, I’m not interested in giving Daniella one. I’ll just give shots to some of the new girls who are coming in. I guess the chickens are coming home to roost.”

One of those receiving a title shot will be Daisee Douglas, a new competitor with less than ten matches under her belt. Douglas, while well thought of by many insiders, is not believed to be anywhere near ready to compete on a championship level. Hunter sees it differently, however. “I think Daisee has great potential. She’s young, naturally fit and is willing to work hard. As long as she stays away from sleaze balls like Tanako, I think she will do fine,” said Hunter, Douglas will face her first major test in a matchup this month against Cartier.

Another newcomer being offered unprecedented chances is Rosario Delgado, the beautiful Argentinean who made a big splash in her debut against Daniella Cartier. Delgado has already been promised a title shot against Hunter, apparently leapfrogging ahead of the promotions top ten contenders. Rosario takes umbrage with any notions that she is no up to the challenge. “Who are these people that don’t want to give me credit. They couldn’t beat me. When I’m done here, I’ll change the face of this sport and ACW,” she said. “Not only do I deserve a title shot, but I promise you that I will win the belt very soon.”

Daniella Cartier -
Another surprising candidate for a title run is former ACW star Dominique LeMonde. LeMonde has been out of the spotlight for almost three years after quitting the promotion but rumors are circulating that ACW management is in negotiations with LeMonde’s representatives to bring her back into the company.

While LeMonde was not available for comment, Cartier was not shy about expressing her feelings. “You’ve got to be kidding me. This is an all-time low. I carried the title belt with honor for two years but they’re going to pass me over for a girl that hasn’t wrestled in almost four years. What a joke. I don’t know what Masahiro and the boys have in mind now but they’re going to lose all of the fans who want to see legitimate competition.”

It appears that there is some merit in Carter’s statement as the former champion is receiving support from ACW fans around the world. Said one ACW fan in a Yahoo Group messageboard post “Danielle … holds the belt for 2 years. She finally loses 1 match and could you please tell me again why she has anything to prove to get a rematch?” Other posts focused on the actions taken against Cartier such as her suspension for pile driving Tiffani Jones and the apparent hypocrisy in no suspension being levelled against Rosario Delgado for hitting Cartier in the head with a flower pot in a match last month.” We are almost tempted to forget that Daniella BEAT Rosario despite illegal tactics used by the
‘Argentinean Spitfire’. Of course, Rosario did quite well. She gave Daniella a tough fight, albeit by with the aid of a
flower pot to the back of Daniella’s head. Rosario used a foreign object. You could crack a person’s skull with a flower pot. That’s normally not even legal in he WWE. So, is Rosario subject to suspension? Or is ACW’s current management playing favorites?” Even Cartier’s detractors have weighed in. “Daniella,… (e)ven though we have not seen eye to eye related to your past actions that led to your suspension, I do believe that something is wrong…. I do not understand what is going on in ACW. If rules are put in place to protect the participants during a match, then why didn’t the ACW members step in a suspend her for using a flower pot? I do agree that the rules do not apply to everyone. Something needs to be done about this no matter who is affected. The rules should be applied to all not just for a few.

It would seem that the tide is turning in Cartier’s favor… but will ACW management take note?

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