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Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas - apartmentwrestlers.com

As Daniella Cartier grumbled about being denied title opportunities, Daisee Douglas looked at their match as a great opportunity. A newcomer to the promotion, Douglas had made great strides in climbing ACW’s ladder, but few expected her to be able to contend against a veteran of Cartier’s caliber.

Daisee Douglas - apartmentwrestlers.com An annoyed Cartier looked to end the match quickly striking Douglas with a furious clothesline, causing both grapplers to sprawl onto the queen-sized bed. A brave Douglas took the match right back at Cartier, wrestling with her on the bed and eventually grounding it onto the floor. Surprised at her opponents competitiveness, Daniella decided to step it up a notch in a frightening manner. Cartier taunted Douglas, asking if she was ready to go out of the window, then proceeded to grab the challenger and brutally throw her into the wall of windowpanes.

The action continued in the bedroom and spilled back onto the bed where Cartier’s experience allowed her to take charge and control the action. Douglas, however, willingly took the punishment, defiantly smacking Cartier on the legs and bottom.

Douglas’ youthful enthusiasm and, perhaps, naivety, prompted her to become emboldened, feeling that Daniella would be unable to put her away. The longer, she could last, Douglas figured, the more frustrated Daniella would become and therefore the more likely Cartier would make a mistake.

Cartier must have read her mind because she became more and more frustrated until she decided to bolt into the adjoining room to clear her head and take advantage of the greater space.

If the former champion felt that a change in scenery would make for an easier match, she was wrong as the exuberant Douglas immediately pushed Cartier onto a nearby couch and went for a pin. Cartier narrowly escaped and a sense of desperation descended across her face.

Calming herself, Daniella went on the offensive, trying several times to complete a roll up pin. Each time, however, Daisee was able to escape. On one, she reversed the hold and got her legs around Cartier, applying a painful leg scissors hold. The excruciating pain seemed to wake Daniella, as she escaped the hold and got to her feet. As the two stood toe to toe, Daniella’s hand drew menacingly back.

With a sickening crack, Cartier laid an open-handed slap across Daisee’s face, sending the challenger sprawling back on her heels. Drawing from instinct within, Douglas stumbled forward, delivering a slap of her own to Cartier’s face. The two rocked back on their heels circling each other until the moment the two unleashed furiously with both delivering smacks to the other’s head, sending women both to the floor.

Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas - apartmentwrestlers.com Douglas quickly went on the offensive lunging at Cartier and sending her sprawling backwards, but Daniella recovered and got to her feet. While Daniella circled, Daisee lay on her back with her feet at the ready with defensive kicks. Cartier, however, saw her moment and rush in, grabbing both of Daisee’s legs, dragging her back over to the couch. From a sitting position, Cartier pushed forward, pressing Douglas’ legs over her head, thereby taking away all of her leverage. Counting 1-2-3, Cartier rolled off of her challenger with the win.

An exhausted Cartier slumped on the floor, while Douglas quickly got to her feet and moved away, leaving the former champion wondering whether she was losing her championship edge… and whether this match would stand in the way of her title hunt.


The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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