Introducing Rosario Delgado

Rosario Delgado -

Rosario Delgado -
Her movements are hypnotic, 
like those of a dancer, fluid and graceful, effortless, and with no wasted motion. With speed and quickness she glides around her opponents, lulling them into her trap. Drawing them in with her long sweeping motions, quietly maneuvering them into submission, her opponents know they never had a chance.. and so does she. She is the newest addition to the ACW lineup, Argentinean beauty Rosario Delgado.

The daughter of an Argentinean diplomat and a Spanish artist, Rosario spent much of her early life traveling from continent to continent. Her father spent time stationed in the United States, often bringing his family with him. Her mother’s impressionistic painting made her the toast of the art community in New York and Los Angeles. For the young Rosario, it was day after day of new adventures, an exciting environment which she would grow to love.

Her parents enrolled the talented young girl in dance lessons at which she excelled, although at her young age, she was already immensely competitive with the other dancers. At the same time, her mother was prompted to enter her into local beauty contests and she began competing competitively at age 10. By the time she turned 18 she was preparing for the Miss Argentina competition.

The competition between the contestants was at a fever pitch with numerous backstage altercations. The frenzied atmosphere came to a head when Rosario made it into the final five contestants. When Leticia Maldanado was named the 2nd runner-up, it left Rosario facing Paoula Vallez in line for the title. Maldanado, distraught over her third place finish rushed at the two finalists catching Delgado off guard, slapping her in the face and tearing off the top part of Rosario’s dress.


Rosario Delgado -

As a stunned silence descended upon the room, Rosario stood in disbelief. As the other contestants moved back, Delgado slowly turned to face Maldanado. Her eyes blazed like fire and she moved effortless towards Leticia. While Rosario’s eyes raged with fury, Leticia’s flickered with the recognition she was about to feel pain. Like a gun shot, Delgado’s leg flashed through the air, smacking with a sickening pop against Leticia’s forehead. A stunned Maldanado could only blink as the rooms silence was shattered by a high pitched roar from Delgado. Rosario launched herself through the air, taking down Maldanado and proceeded to tear at the petrified girl, grasping at her gown, brassiere and hair. When she was finally pulled off of the girl, she screamed wildly, throwing freshly ripped hair into the crowd. After the room was cleared, Paoula Vallez was given the Miss Argentina title as Delgado was in no frame of mind to continue. Vallez was named the star of the night but the next few days belonged to Delgado.

The incident became known as “the Catfight on the Catwalk” and was replayed around the world on cable and satellite networks. Rosario became one of the hottest interviews in Latin America and was the subject of a bidding war between rival professional wrestling groups in Latin America.

Rosario was already quite familiar with professional wrestling as her father was a closet lucha libre fan. As a child, Rosario was fascinated by his tales of excitement watching stars such as El Santo, Mil Mascaras and Blue Demon. After a small bidding war, she signed on with a Mexican-based upstart company WWLL. The promotion looked to make Rosario its central drawing point and focused on the beauty pageant fiasco referring to her as the “Real Miss Argentina.” Unfortunately, the organization which conducted the pageant sued WWLL for trademark infringement and obtained an injunction preventing Delgado from appearing. With all their money riding on her, the company was forced to cancel all of their house shows and television broadcasts while seeking a settlement. Eventually, the legal costs grew to large and the company folded, leaving Rosario unemployed.

Rosario Delgado -
Instead of pursuing additional wrestling opportunities in Latin America, Delgado decided instead to move to the United States where her father was on assignment to the United Nations. She enrolled in the art program at Columbia University in New York and worked part-time as model. While on assignment for a Spectre Jeans photo shoot, she was introduced to former ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Cartier was familiar with Delgado’s notoriety for the beauty pageant incident and introduced her to Tanako X, the recently deposed owner of ACW. X was intrigued by her and signed her to a representationdeal, and acting as her agent, negotiated a contract to bring her into ACW. “Rosario Delgado will be seen as the biggest signing by Apartment Championship Wrestling since Daniella Cartier and I anticipate her impact on the promotion will be just as significant,” said X in a formal statement. X had shopped her services to several rival apartment wrestling promotions before inking her to a deal with ACW. Although details of the contract have not been released to the public, inside sources have revealed that it is one of the largest (if not the largest) in the company. Industry experts believe that X may be using the financial burden of her contract as a way of pushing ACW management into financial ruin, so that he might pick up the pieces. X stopped short of denying such rumors, saying only “Just take a look at her. She is an absolute knockout, has a body sculpted like a goddess and a naturally acclimation to the sport that makes her undeniable. She will be one of the greats of the sport in a short time so I am simply hitching my cart to a thoroughbred.”

Rosario Delgado will have a lot to live up to given her background and the high accolades showered upon her but she seems to be taking everything in stride. With her fiery persona and fearless confidence, many around ACW expect that she will not only live up to these expectations will likely surpass them.

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