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Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com

Amid the fanfare of the signing of Rosario Delgado, ACW officials quickly signed her to a match against former champion Daniella Cartier. Though Cartier has been credited with discovering Delgado, the two girls were not necessarily on friendly terms coming into the match. Cartier had tried to assure Delgado that she would take it easy on her, an offer that Rosario felt was insulting.

Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com Early in the match, it became clear that Delgado was not intimidated as she aggressively brought the action to Cartier, throwing various kicks and smacks at her taller opponent. Cartier was taken aback, but quickly regrouped and began throwing kicks of her own. Delgado fended off every attempt showing a poise that belied the fact that she was making her debut.

As the kick-fest continued, Rosario began controlling the pace of the match and seemed to lead as the two battled in a combative dance. After tossing Cartier to the ground, Delgado waited for her to get up and then ran out of the room through a curtain into an adjoining room, and prepared to attack. However, as the two entered the room, they found Daisee Douglas there, in the midst of a photo shoot. Douglas began yelling at them, prompting Cartier and Delgado to push her back and forth between them in a scene reminiscent of the characters from the film “A Night at the Roxbury.” A befuddled Douglas was thrown out of the room and staggered er way up the stairs to safety.

After circling each other, the two thrashed about until they ended up back in the other room. Cartier began to feel more relaxed and began trash-talking her opponent, calling her an “illegal refugee.” Delgado simply circled the taller girl, drawing her in like a spider, until, with Cartier in range, Delgado grabbed a flower pot off of the television and hit Daniella across the back of the head.

As Cartier lay writhing on the ground, Delgado brutally kicked her in the side and legs, chastising her for her disrespect. Cartier, sinking into a fog of desperation instinctively took Delgado off guard, wrestling her to the floor and pulling at her bikini strings. After several tries she successfully got to the strings and Rosario’s bikini top was pulled loose, revealing her ample and supple bosom. Cartier stood over her and gloated, waiting for Delgado to try to cover her breasts. Instead, with fire in her eyes, Delgado stormed straight to the former champion and reached out and ripped Cartier’s bikini top off of her breasts. With one breast hanging out, Cartier gasped in disbelief and made a move to pummel the smaller girl but Delgado refused to give any ground, instead wrestling Cartier to the ground and choked her with both their bikini tops.

After a few minutes of back and forth action, Delgado unexpectedly backed away and took off running up the staircase. With the quickness of a cat, Cartier was on her, trying to drag Delgado back down the stairs. Undaunted, Rosario threw a mule kick to the side of Daniella’s head, sending her reeling back down the stairs. After Delgado reached the upper floor, Cartier followed, stopping momentarily to scream at Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins who were putting on makeup in the upstairs bathroom.

Rosario was waited for Daniella having staked out the king-size bed as her personal domain. A furious Cartier pawed at her like a cat, looking for an opening. As Daniella leaned in for added leverage, Rosario reached out and grabbed Cartier’s breasts with both hands, squeezing brutally until she forced a scream from her opponent.

Rosario continued to maul Cartier, in a seemingly destructive frenzy. Cartier, in pain to the point of blindness, tried to reciprocate, but was unable to reach Delgado’s breasts. Finally, she shoved herself forward, knocking the smaller girl back. Like a a leopard she sprang forth, but instead of using her claws, Daniella used her breasts as a weapon. Smothering Delgado with her enormous breasts, Daniella screamed at her “you want some titties… I’ve got some titties for you.” Unable to breathe, Delgado was unable to fends of Cartier’s approach and Daniella was able to gain a leverage advantage, pushing Rosario’s shoulders to the bed. Courting 1-2-3, Cartier collapsed, rolling off of Delgado onto the bed. Delgado, with a flash of fury, viciously kicked her in the side, sending her toppling to the floor.

Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.com

Although she did not win the match, Delgado showed that she was ready to engage in another one. Cartier, though the victor, looked astonished as Rosario calmly walked away and down the stairs. As she struggled to her feet, in a desperate fit of exhaustion, Cartier was heard mumbling a line from the film “Rocky II.” No rematch… there ain’t gonna be no rematch!”

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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