2004 End of the Year Roundup

Jazmine Cashmere - apartmentwrestlers.com

Jazmine Cashmere - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
Angela Foster Goes Wild 

Former ACW competitor Angela Foster has kept very busy since taking a hiatus from active apartment wrestling competition. She vowed to move out to Los Angeles and become a big film star… and, in some respects, she has. Angela has changed her name to Jazmine Cashmere and has become one of the most popular adult film stars in the industry.

Starring in films such as Black Carnal Coeds #11 and Juzt Humpin, Cashmere is pondering a lucrative deal to be a contract girl for Nighthawk Films. While details of the deal have not been made public, her growing popularity makes it unlikely that she will be returning to action in ACW anytime soon. If she does, however, there is no doubt that the cameras will be rolling.

Jenna Johnson Retires 

The apartment wrestling world heard some sad news as ACW favorite Jenna Johnson announced her retirement from active competition. Her retirement is effective as of December 1, 2004.

The former tennis star is returning to college after receiving an art scholarship and will not have the time for travel necessitated by a hectic ACW schedule. “I really enjoyed my time in ACW,” she said. “It helped me to get over the end of my tennis career and motivated me to chart out some new courses in my life. I’m really happy.”

Taylor Wilson - www.apartmentwrestlers.com Daisee Goes for the Gold 

Daisee Douglas has made a declaration, promising to become the next D-Cup champion. Douglas will represent ACW in the 2005 D-Cup tournament being held in Osaka, Japan and despite her inexperience she is making clear to everyone who will listen that she will carry on the long line of ACW competitors to hold the title.

“ACW wrestlers have won the tournament for seven straight years and I intend to make it eight,” she said. “I may not have a lot of experience, but I think if you look at me you can see that I have just the right assets to carry a D-Cup title.”

Taylor Wilson Suspended Again 

Taylor Wilson’s wild and bumpy road in ACW has stalled in a ditch as the towering blonde has been suspended by the promotion for 60 days.

Details have been trickling in slowly but the suspension appears to be related to an incident involving Wilson and Tiffani “Carmen” Jones It has been reported that Tiffani was taken to a local Chicago hospital and was released. Wilson, never at a loss for words, refused to comment on the matter but is said to be considering retiring from the sport. When asked when she would have a comment, she angrily shouted “in sixty days!”

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