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The last five months have been a nightmare 
for Daniella Cartier. The former ACW champion lost her title after an epic series of matches against current champion Diane Hunter. The loss followed a two year run as champion in which she engaged in over 56 title defenses as well as immense travel to fulfill marketing agreements and public appearances. Many would say that the loss offered Cartier an opportunity for some much need rest but the time has been anything but relaxing or peaceful for her.

Cartier was suspended in August 2004 for injuring Tiffani “Carmen” Jones with an illegal maneuver. Many suspect, as does Cartier, however, that the suspension was more likely a result of her vocal support of deposed ACW President Tanako X and her protestations against the manner in which he was overthrown. Speculation has grown over the last few months that Cartier would be leaving the promotion and various Internet reports have her signing with a rival promotion. Cartier maintains, however, that she is staying put.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Cartier. “I have two years left on my contract and they will fulfill it. I should never lost my title belt and I intend to regain it. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of months about who to trust and who not to. A lot of the girls have told me that I shouldn’t be as vocal about supporting Tanako and that Mr. Masahiro was going to keep me out of the title picture because of it but Tanako has always been supportive of me and I won’t forget that.”

Cartier spent much of the time during her suspension in the gym where she has reduced her body fat by 3% and has been able to heal some old injuries. While she hasn’t been on a vacation, she does feel energized from her time in the gym and more focused than ever.

“Anger mixed with a lot of time off will lead you to either eat a lot of ice cream or get your ass into a gym. My ass has been in a gym.”

Asked about whether she holds animosity against Masahiro X and the rest of the new ACW management, Cartier says “Resentment will hurt you if you don’t use it in a positive way. Every time I was too tired to lift a weight I focused on my resentment and did three more reps. I will work with the current management so long as they are fair to me. If they screw me over, though, they’ll which they had made me President of the company.”

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