Whose Side is Diane Hunter On?

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Diane Hunter - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
She is the ACW Champion and prepares
 to embark upon a campaign to make her the most publicly recognized apartment wrestler in the world. Yet it seems that the question everyone wants to ask her is “Who do you support, Masahiro or Tanako.” Always the straight shooter, Hunter answered in her own style. “Fuck both of them,” she said. “I could honestly care less which one of them is in charge. As long as I have the belt, I’m in charge.”

Hunter has long been rumored to have held a grudge against Tanako X based on her belief that he contributed to her lack of a push towards a title run. She says that she does not focus on that anymore and is more concerned with keeping the title and capitalizing on her current opportunities. “I just got back from a tour of Europe and I am in talks with a toy company about creating a Diane Hunter action figure. I’m all about money right now and that’s where my head is at.”

As for keeping her title, Hunter is most concerned with watching her back to make sure that, in her words, “I don’t get screwed by ACW management.” Hunter is considered by many as being paranoid, but she looks at it differently, explaining “This is the wrestling business. This business is all about getting stabbed in the back and screwed over. I’m just taking precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.”

To that end, she has surrounded herself with a number of former ACW competitors who have recently returned to the promotion, including Taylor Wilson, Candy Sommers, and Dominique LeMonde. Also part of her group (known collectively as the Old School Posse) is ACW newcomer Daisee Douglas, who has personally pledged to watch Hunter’s back. “Daisee is my girl. If I can’t trust her I can’t trust anybody. Having my girls around takes a lot of pressure off of me.”

When pressed about the current instability within ACW management, she admits “I am just fine with the people in charge right now. With Tanako so firmly in place, it was definitely a boss/worker kind of relationship. With Masahiro and his guys, we’re looking at it more like a partnership relationship. I like being in charge.”

Whatever her true feelings, she is truly relishing her role as the champion and has no intention of losing her top spot. “No matter who is in charge or who is the challenger, they have to come through me!”

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