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In a shocking development, 
former ACW champion Daniella Cartier has been suspended by the promotion for a period of 60 days. The official reason cited for the suspension was her use of a banned wrestling move which culminated in a neck injury to ACW competitor Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Cartier delivered a piledriver maneuver, sending Jones crashing to the floor on her neck. Jones has been out of action since the injury and will likely be unable to wrestle for two months.

To no one’s surprise, Cartier was extremely angry about the suspension. “I can’t believe they are doing this. No one, in the history of this promotion has ever been suspended, and here I’ve served as a great champion, have handled myself in an impeccable manner and have done everything management has asked of me… and they do this to me.”

Cartier stated a belief that there was more to the decision than just the piledriver. “Things have been weird for the last six months with all the crap about Tanako and I thought it was strange that they kept giving Diane rematch after rematch. and now that she is champ, where is my rematch. They’re going to bust me down to a competitor. I guess it’s my fault for not seeing what was really going on. Now I guess we see.”

Cartier’s statement, likely refers to the surprising announcement that Tanako X has been deposed as ACW President. The stunning development has taken many aback and Cartier believes that new President Masahiro X has decided to clean house and that he and his supporters waited for the day that she lost her title, taking that last bit of leverage away.

Masahiro denied her assessment and declared that a number of things factored into the decision to suspend her. “Look, Daniella has broken a number of rules while champion. She injured Tabitha Van Dyne with a blow to the head… an illegal blow to the head I should say. She threw Daisee Douglas against the window in the 17th floor of the ACW Towers during a match. She’s been careless and has put her opponent’s safety in jeopardy and has been warned repeatedly. Daniella is not above the rules and if she doesn’t like it she can leave the promotion.”

Cartier was puzzled by this response. “Did he really say that. Is that what he really said?” Daniella had previously stated that she planned to appeal the suspension, but will not confirm an intent to do so.

The suspension is effective immediately.

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