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Tanako X - www.apartmentwrestlers.com
In a stunning development
Apartment Championship Wrestling founder Tanako X has been ousted from his position as the company’s President and CEO and replaced by Masahiro X. Masahiro X has been a junior partner in the promotion for the last five years, having been brought in by Tanako. Masahiro is believed to be Tanako’s nephew and was thought of as a minor figure in the promotion but has recently become more visible in the day to day management.

Most observers viewed the situation as one where Tanako was trying to teach Masahiro the ropes, introducing him to the ins and outs of the industry. Apparently, the clouds that have hovered around the promotion and over Tanako prompted him to transfer ownership shares to Masahiro in order to shield them from possible legal proceedings. Masahiro apparently took the opportunity to combine those shares with other minor investors and accumulated enough to hold a majority voting block. Thus, the toppling of Tanako appears to have been a strategically planned, well thought out action.

Tanako is still a partial owner of the promotion but in losing control over the majority of voting shares is apparently powerless.

Masahiro X - www.apartmentwrestlers.com The depths of the intricacies of the apparent conspiracy to overthrow Tanako is far-reaching. While X has refused most requests to comment on the situation, he is privately speculating that the three year long ongoing sex scandal that has been dogging him may have been the catalyst used to set into motion the events that led to his ouster. One insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity said”Tanako was completely blindsided. He’s been trying to run the promotion while also fending off the sexual harassment allegations which prompted him to try to safeguard his ownership interests to Masahiro. I don’t think he ever saw Masahiro betraying him in this manner… Et tu, Masahiro?”

Speculation is growing that the timing of the coup, following Diane Hunter’s triumph in her quest for the title and the suspension of former champion Daniella Cartier would indicate that the tentacles of the conspiracy are numerous and far-reaching. A number of former ACW competitors have been re-signed in the last week and the promotion is touting them as members of Hunter’s “Old School Posse.” Hunter refused comment on the matter as did Masahiro X.

The entire promotion seems to have been turned completely upside down and inside out many insiders are noticeably nervous about the new direction of the promotion as well as their role within. What is certain is that the next few months will be very interesting.

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