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Daniella Cartier - www.apartmentwrestlers.com It is a day that no champion wants to face… the day that they lose the championship. For Cartier, despite a spectacular two year run, that day came too soon. Her loss to Diane Hunter may have come unexpectedly, it may prove to be the best thing that could have happened. Cartier has been burning the candle at both ends for two year, defending her title, making public relations appearances and outside ventures, including a role in an upcoming feature film. Although she possessed a tremendous attitude, many observers believe that the constant pressure had begun to take its toll.

Cartier was reprimanded in May after getting into an altercation with a member of ACW management and still faces a possible suspension for using a piledriver against Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. The move is prohibited in ACW and Jones suffered a serious injury forcing her to miss one month of action as well as a photoshoot for Playboy Magazine.

Perhaps this has caused a backlash to develop against her. Recent posts on the ACW Yahoo Group has shown a mixed sentiment regarding Daniella. ” Daniella has represented the championship with class and dignity. Diane has been an annoying little gnat, buzzing around and demanding that everyone give her props that, quite frankly, she hasn’t earned,” said Apartment Wrestling historian AHW Moll of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/apartmentwrestling/ .

Conversely, BEColeman said that ” You should have had a return clause put in your contract. Is it because you were so sure of yourself that you could not win. I think that you are not all that good a fighter then you think that you are. I have to believe that you should demand a rematch right now, and if I were you, I would have responded after the match, instead of waiting over one week to let us know your side. If you are the champion you say you are, you are going to have to prove it to me by getting the rematch and beating her.

In response, Daniella declared that in fact she did want a rematch. She went so far as to demand, pointing out her hard work and dedication over the last two years and her ability to carry the belt in a manner that represented ACW proudly.

Her desire for a rematch, however, has rankled a number of other competitors. Dixie Monroe scowled “Daniella wants this and Daniella wants that. All she ever talks about is herself. Well, its’s time for some of us to get a chance.” Candy Sommers agreed, saying “Maybe Daniella should go on a goodwill trip overseas so the rest of us could get a break from her. No offense, but when the belt stays on one person for so long, the rest of us feel like we’ll never get a shot. Now that the belt has changed hand, all the girls are excited about going after it!”

It would seem that this month just keeps getting worse for Cartier as she sees that it is lonely at the top and even lonelier as she falls off her perch. Cartier appears undeterred, however, promising that the absence of the belt will be brief and that she will return as a more dominant performer than before. “I’m still the best in the business and everyone knows it. Diane knows it, Tanako knows it… and most importantly, I know it!”

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