The Bitch is Back

Taylor Wilson -

Taylor Wilson -

“My name is Taylor Wilson, the baddest bitch in ACW… and I’m back!”
 Thus came the surprising announcement that the wild and unpredictable Taylor Wilson was returning to Apartment Championship Wrestling. Wilson was thought to be persona non grata within the promotion, having started the drumbeat alleging sexual improprieties within ACW. Her quick temper and shoot from the hip attitude caused her to be viewed as a liability and her departure two years ago was greeted with an immense sigh of relief from ACW management. Why then, has she been brought back into the promotion? “Because I scare the shit out of them… especially when I’m on the outside yelling in!”

Wilson is one of those rare individuals who makes all around her nervous… friend or foe. When she walks into a room, every head turns, eager to see what she will do, or what will come out of her mouth.She has no fear of being reprimanded, marching to the beat of her own drummer and content to walk away from a promotion without breaking a sweat. Two years ago, frustrated at her lack of progress and what she perceived as a limited push by management, she dropped a bomb on the promotion, publicly denouncing a culture of sexual frivolity within ACW. Wilson specifically focused on members of management, alleging favoritism based on sexiness for marketing. Worse, she alleged that many of the women involved engaged sexual activities for career promotion. Her most venom-filled attack was launched against ACW President Tanako X. Wilson referred to him as “a scum bag”, “a pervert,” and “a degenerate,” Surprisingly, however, X is one of Wilson’s biggest supporters.

“I’m a big Taylor Wilson fan,” says X. “Taylor is unpredictable and often hard to handle, but she has enormous potential. If we can get her to work with ACW instead of against ACW, she could be a big star here. She is taller than anyone else in the promotion and stronger than anyone else here. I once saw her pick Barbie Mayfield up off the ground with one arm and held her there for ten seconds. I couldn’t do that by myself. In fact, I don’t think I could lift Barbie like that if she was standing on a box. Plus, Taylor’s time in Japan has really brought about some big changes.”

After being banished by ACW, Wilson was invited to compete in an apartment wrestling tournament in Hong Kong. She was then signed to a contract by JAWF, one of Japan’s leading apartment wrestling promotions. Wilson was undefeated in two years with the promotion, dominating the field and demolishing her opponents. “It was almost too easy,” Wilson said. “Everyone seemed to already know about my reputation in the States, so they were already afraid of me. The hardest thing for me was to try not to hurt my opponents. Those girls were so small, I could toss them around like a bag of laundry. I was so used to overpowering everybody that I was able to learn a lot about wrestling.”

Taylor Wilson -

‘I also learned a lot about controlling my temper. Almost every loss I had when I was in ACW before was because I lost my temper and did something stupid. I’m not saying that I don’t have a temper anymore, because I do, and I could snap at any time… but I am able to turn it on and off when I need to now.”:Lest one think that we will see a kinder, my gentle Taylor Wilson, she reminds everyone that “Just because I control my temper better doesn’t mean that I’m not still the craziest bitch on Earth. These chicks need to be worried because now I know how to really hurt them.”

Wilson, however, finds herself working in an environment which she referred to as “a toilet” and working for people whom she referred to as “sexual predators.” How does she explain the apparent hypocrisy? “Well,” she says, “the truth of the matter is, maybe they should be afraid of me – I might be a sexual predator myself.”

Unabashed and unashamed, Wilson refuses to apologize for her damaging allegations, nor does she dwell on them. She is content to compete in the promotion again. She will not put demands on herself and is not worried about title matches. “I don’t need a belt to tell me how good I am,” she says. “There’s a lot more to ACW than just the matches. I’m going to take advantage of all of my opportunities, on my timetable. The belts will be there when I’m ready to take them.”

Although Wilson seems more calm and composed, she still possesses an unnerving twinkle in her eye that mirrors a burning rage being held under wraps. “Don’t get too comfortable with me,” she warns. “I’m still the wildest bitch you will EVER know. So long as I’m having a good time, everything will be cool. If I get pissed off, I will take out every bitch in this company, I’ll make Tanako my bitch, and I’ll blow this whole fucking place up.”

Unconventional, unorthodox and uncontrollable Taylor Wilson turned ACW upside down two years ago and may now be in a position to help the promotion to right its course, or to bury it. “That’s Taylor,” remarked Tanako X. “She’s a mixed bag to be sure. Trying to keep up with her is quite a chess match. A chess match played blindfolded, while standing on your head after three espressos. You never know how it’s going to turn out, but it will be interesting.”

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