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Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com

Diane Hunter finally got her shot at the big time, gaining a match against Daniella Cartier for the ACW title. After a long fought battle, however, Cartier defeated her able foe with an unexpected huracanrana into a roll up on the floor. Despite the devastating loss, Hunter immediately demanded a rematch and ACW met her demand. ACW President Tanako X announced four more matches between the two competitors and Hunter shocked onlookers by promising her retirement if she were unsuccessful in her quest for the belt. Cartier greeted Hunter’s declaration, perhaps because no one else has battled her as hard and proven so difficult to defeat. After two more hard fought victories, Cartier met Hunter in the fourth Clash of the Divas.

Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com Cartier immediately went on the offensive, trying to intimidate Diane by jumping from one bed to the other to deliver a sit-down spine-buster. Hunter, though, was nonplussed and matter-of-fact, as she challenged Cartier to bring it on. Hunter displayed a calm demeanor, refusing to be intimidated by Cartier’s aggressiveness. As Daniella trash-talked, Hunter focused, exuding an air of self-confidence that stopped the champion in her tracks.

After a series of takedowns, the girls got their hands on a couple of pillows and both came out swinging. Each got in some devastating blows, but Hunter seemed to get the advantage, knocking Cartier to the floor. A stunned Cartier regained her composure and chased the challenger into the other room.

Immediately, Cartier realized that she hadn’t scared her opponent, but instead had been drawn into Hunter’s clutches. After a series of skirmishes, both girls were holding their own but Hunter seemed very much at ease and Cartier sensed that something was in the air.

Ill at ease, Cartier decided to change the situation by escaping back to the bedroom area. Hunter, however, was too quick and leaped at the champion, grasping by her gold-trimmed booty shorts, pulling them down to her ankles, exposing a frilly thong. After deriding the champion for wearing such dainty apparel, she pressed on with her attack.

Cartier was in trouble, but she had been in this situation before and had always been able to find a way to win. She struggled valiantly, fending off Hunter’s advances, but the challenger refused to relent, thwarting each attempt by the champion to escape. A smile appeared on her face as she began to have her way with Daniella until she finally moved in for the kill.

When Hunter went for the pin fall, Cartier seemed in a state of confusion about what was happening, so much so that she was unable to find a way out of her predicament. Emotions flooded Diane’s mind, so much so that she almost forgot to count the pin. She did, however, keep Cartier’s shoulders pinned to the ground and secured the victory.

With adrenaline coursing through her body, Diane Hunter seemed not to understand her accomplishment. Perhaps it was her long history of near-misses and bad-luck, but rather than savoring her victory, Diane continued her attack, this time circling around in back of Cartier and pressing her feet in Cartier’s back in a modified rear slingshot.

As Daniella’s gasped in pain, Diane threw her legs over Cartier’s shoulders, pressing them to the ground. Daniella rolled backward trying to engage her in a leg scissors maneuver, but Diane deftly deflected the attempt and continued to hold her down, this time counting out a second pin, for good measure.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com Diane Hunter has shocked the world, winning the ACW championship after chasing the title for 10 years.As she knelt over the former champion, the look in Hunter’s eyes belied her calm exterior. Inside she seethed with a rage that caused her to maintain a focus as one whose task was not yet finished. As she left to shower she let everyone know that this was just the beginning and that she had a game plan that had just begun to unfold.

At the dawning of the championship run of Diane Hunter nothing is certain except that it will be unpredictable and very interesting. Her one promise is that ACW will never be the same.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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