Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter III

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com

This month we look back at one of the titanic battles between Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter. While a tremendous rivalry exited between the two, they shared a mutual respect for one another’s talent and determination. They also developed a keen sense of the other skills and strategies, thus allowing them to prepare for their match ups with an insight that made their matches a tossup.

Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com While the champion is usually the aggressor in a match up, Diane Hunter made clear that she would gladly bring the fight to Cartier. Despite giving up a size advantage, Hunter used her quickness and began maneuvering Cartier into disadvantageous positions. Daniella saw it coming, however, and countered each maneuver In doing so, she tried to gain the upper hand but Diane’s well-planned approach kept one step ahead of the champion.

Finally, a frustrated Daniella had had enough, and moved forward to utilize her leverage and strength against the challenger. As the two seemed ready for a test of strength, Hunter jumped back, allowing Cartier to lurch forward, grasping at the air and losing her balance. In an instant Diane was upon her, pulling Daniella Daniella head over heels. Grasping her by a leg and waist, Diane had Daniella off of the ground, disoriented and helpless.

Diane moved quickly, tossing the champion to the ground and preparing for a quick pin. As she dove forward, it appeared to be all over for Daniella, but as she has done so often, the champion stayed cool and countered by throwing her legs around Hunter ‘s neck and scooting around until she had locked the challenger into a head scissors.

In a flash, Cartier swung her upper torso forward, whipping Diane headfirst into the cushions of a chair. Moving her leg scissors down Hunter’s body, she secured them around the challenger’s waist. Squeezing with all her might, she grabbed Diane’s feet, preventing her from gaining any leverage to attempt an escape.

Daniella went for the kill, throwing Diane’s feet forward, and grabbed her flailing hand. ragging her forward, she pressed her feet on Diane’s inner thighs, pulling the challengers head into her crotch, preventing her from getting up. As Hunter struggled, Daniella counted 1-2-3, securing the pin.

In another epic battle, Daniella Cartier secured another victory from Diane Hunter in what is considered the greatest rivalry in ACW history. Rather than be discouraged, Diane proclaimed that she would use the loss as a learning experience and would one day turn the tables on the champion.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com

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