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A match of the year candidate, 
the first battle between ACW Champion Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter is viewed by many as a classic. The rematch scheduled for late May 2004 promises to be a different story, or so states Hunter. Last month, Apartment Championship Wrestling ordered Cartier to meet Hunter in four more matches. At the time, Hunter stated “I really think I am the best apartment wrestler in the world and I want to prove it. I have four more chances left and if I can’t beat Daniella, thenI don’t deserve any more shots, so I’ll retire.” Now, though, Hunter has had a change of heart. “If I can’t beat her in our next match, I will retire on the spot!”

Her dramatic statement was met with immediate speculation and curiosity. “I think it’s just a publicity stunt. But, it works for me because as soon as I beat her ass, I’ll be done with her for good.”

Whatever the reason for her bold statement, Hunter has certainly raised the stakes in her campaign for the title belt. Raising the stakes, however, could cost her her career. Hunter, though, says she understands the risk. “I know that one wrong move, one mistake or even one stroke of luck on her part and it’s all over for me, but I can’t do this ‘chase the champ shit’ anymore,” she says. “When you reach this stage in your career, you either want to be the champion or you’re just trying to collect a paycheck. Well fuck the money, I want the belt.”

While her career has been somewhat overshadowed by other competitors, Hunter has started to develop a loyal following, both amongst fans and in the ACW locker room. “A lot of us are pulling for her,” said Candy Sommers. “No offense to Daniella, but a lot of us girls are rooting for Diane. We’ve seen how hard she has worked and she never gets any recognition. I think she is the apartment wrestling version of ‘Rocky’.” Former ACW performer Donna Dixxon also weighed in. “Diane is a role model and an inspiration to all apartment wrestlers so it’s no surprise that a lot of people are jumping on her bandwagon. Good for her.”

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Not everyone is thrilled with her declaration. “While I have great faith in Diane’s talents, I don’t like all or nothing pronouncements,” said Tanako X. “From a selfish point of view as a promoter, I have to be worried that one wrong move by her and her career could be over and I’m out a top wrestler and a top draw.”

A defiant Hunter replied, “Tanako should’ve thought of that before. It should never have gotten to this. He should have never gotten my back up against the wall like this. Anyway, I’m not going to lose so its no big deal.”

X said in response, “She’s probably right. Sometimes in this industry we overlook top talent. Sometimes the good ones slip through the cracks and I guess that’s what happened to Diane. She’s really a lot better than we ever thought she would be. She reminds me of Chris Benoit from the WWE. After 15 yeas in the sport he finally got his shot at the top and is making the best of it. If she beats Daniella from the belt, I’m sure she’ll make us proud!”

Despite the admiration for her, winning the title will still be an uphill climb. Cartier has beaten her twice and has been eager to engage Hunter in a trash-talking war. “I’m tired of hearing her whine and bitch and moan all the time. Now she’s getting her shot, so shut up about it,” says Cartier.

It was suggested to Cartier that she might want to also vow to retire if defeated but she declined to do so. “Hey, I don’t have to make big statements to get attention. Everyone already knows how good I am. When I beat her this time, she should retire. Maybe they’ll give the bitch a gold watch or something!”

The match will take place on May 30, 2004 and will be filmed for release on the next ACW Video due out in June 2004.

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