The Seven Deadly Sins of Apartment Wrestling

Dominique LeMonde -

Success in apartment wrestling depends on a competitor’s physical prowess, dedication and passion for the sport. Unfortunately, for many, outside distractions often help to curtail championship dreams. Over the years those distractions have reeked havoc throughout Apartment Championship Wrestling, and have come to be known as the Seven Deadly Sins of Apartment Wrestling.

Three years ago, the beautiful Dominique LeMonde seemed poised for a championship run. Despite her impeccable wrestling bloodlines, her inability to overcomes a single loss and to get past her projected self-image as a proud and vain champion cause her to abandon her apartment wrestling career. Taylor Wilson, on the other hand, was viewed by many as the hands on pick to be the next ACW champion, Her size, strength and intimidation factor seemed to make her unstoppable but she suffered from an inability to control her anger and thus ran afoul of management and the other competitors. Known as “the Mouth that Roared,” she is rumored to have been blackballed within the industry.

Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier – Pride
. Pride, also known as vanity, is the first deadly sin. It is an overwhelming belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the recognition of the grace of God. It often manifests itself into an unreasonable and unhealthy self-belief and attachment to greatness.

Many within the apartment wrestling industry see this as a potential downfall for ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Cartier us believed to have developed such a determination to retain her championship title that she is developing an unhealthy approach to the sport. Her espousing of her greatness has begun to rub many competitors the wrong way as has her political maneuvers in regards to who she faces in match competition. She has been reprimanded by management for her excessive trash-talking and has been taking a no-holds-barred approach to matches, that has drawn severe criticism after she caused an injury at a recent taping. With unquestioned talent, will her unrelenting determination to remain on top prove her undoing?

Diane Hunter - Diane Hunter – Envy. Defined as a desire for the status, traits and opportunities of other, the second deadly sin, envy, appears to be afflicting Diane Hunter. As the number one ranked contender for the ACW belt, Hunter should be pleased with finally reaching the peak of the industry. Instead, her long and often tortuous road to the top has lef

t her jaded and resentful of many competitors, most notably ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Feeling she was passed over for the title shot, Diane has made no secret that she craves not only the title belt, but also the spotlight and recognition that surrounds the champion.

She also has stepped up and voice displeasure with the promotional push given to Motor City Posse member Tiffani “Carmen” Jones, who recently parlayed her ACW success into appearances in Playboy magazines. She has wondered aloud whether many of the people getting pushes within the promotion jumped onto the casting couch.

While many fans strongly support her emergence as an apartment wrestling superstar, industry insiders worry that her continuing, unremitting desires for the success enjoyed by others is driving her to a distraction that may cause her to quickly plummet back down the ladder of success within the promotion.

Candy Sommers – Gluttony. Defined as an inordinate desire to consume more than one requires, gluttony stands in the way of success for Candy Sommers. With early success, she appears to fear that it is certain to be fleeting and seems determine to enjoy its spoils before they disappear.

Candy Sommers and Dixie Monroe - Sommers is becoming known as ACW’s resident party girl, always seen at the biggest parties and club openings. She has dated many of the well-to-do trust-fund recipients from coast to coast and has been pampered and spoiled with with food, wine and gifts that would make any girl delirious. For Sommers, however, each moment she experiences or item she consumes seems to compel her to want more and more. In doing so, she has neglected her training schedule as well as a number of promotional commitments. She was taken off of a recent tour of London after missing a flight after late-night partying in Los Angeles.

Despite being a favorite of members of management, she is becoming an unreliable problem-child. The question on the minds of many is whether her quest for the good-life will now overwhelm her.

Dixie Monroe – Lust. Defined as an inordinate craving for desires of the body, lust should be Dixie Monroe’s middle name. ACW’s resident bad girl makes no secret of her voluminous sexual appetite nor her desire to take it to another level. Monroe made headlines when she said she wanted to pursue a career as an actress in adult films. Unfortunately, her approach may make her too hot for ACW to hold onto.

Monroe has gotten a reputation for being more interested in the physical contact involved with apartment wrestling rather than trying to win matches. Most notable was a match against Niki Foxe where Monroe easily outclassed her opponent but failed to attempt a pin, choosing instead to prolong the match for another 15 minutes until an exhausted Foxe tapped out.

Dixie appears unconcerned with these complaints, saying that she enjoys every aspect of her work and won’t change her approach for anyone. With the increased attention on the promotion as well as numerous marketing and merchandising opportunities, ACW is growing more concerned about the shadow that Monroe’s misadventures may be casting.

Jenna Johnson -


Jenna Johnson – Wraith. Also known as anger, wraith is typified by a life being driven by rage and fury. A fan favorite, Jenna’s disappointment with life’s frustrations has caused her to channel her experiences with detrimental ramifications.

Johnson’s promising tennis career was ended prematurely by a knee injury. When she entered into ACW, it seemed she would bring her passion her previous career into her new sport. Instead, her reaction to any kind of difficulty she faces is a full-blown frontal assault. Before a match in November 2003, Jenna became frustrated by an interview of her opponent that ran too long. On camera, she walked up behind her opponent Angela Foster and slammed her into one of the stage lights, causing injuries which have kept Foster out of action since. During a meeting on the matter with ACW President Tanako X (an admitted fan of Johnson), Jenna erupted into a rage, cursing at him and pushing him before she was pulled away by shocked office personnel.

Jenna Johnson has the goods to become a huge star in ACW if she can get a handle on her temper and overcome her hostilities and frustration. Should this not happened, she will become another star whose brilliance ends up consuming itself.

Tiffani Jones -


Tiffani “Carmen” Jones – Greed. Defined as the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual, greed (also known as avarice) may very well prove to be the downfall of Jones.

Tiffani entered ACW as a means to enhance her marketability. In the short time she has been in the promotion, she has done just that, parlaying her popularity and success within the promotion into a burgeoning modeling career. Recent appearances in Playboy magazine and Playboy TV have her on the crest of success that many of her fellow competitors aspire to. For Tiffani, however, these are just a start. She is determined in fact, to make them just stepping stones in her quest for more and more. She is currently finalizing a deal with a prominent recording management firm and has been doing screen test for a number of motion picture projects. In addition, she is finishing her college education, planning a tour of Europe and looking into developing a fashion line for smaller women.

While her aggressive approach to creating financial opportunities is generally applauded, many feel her pursuit of wealth-building ventures has become all-consuming and now threaten to take away her apartment wrestling focus.

Miranda Alexander -


Miranda Alexander – Sloth. Defined as the avoidance of of physical or spiritual work, sloth is the deadly sin that threatens to chase Miranda out of ACW.

Alexander has been a favorite of ACW management, and was once targeted by Tanako X as his number one project. Intent on making her a star, X arranged for her to appear in matches, leapfrogging other qualified competitors. Growing up the daughter of wealthy parents in Hawaii, Miranda had a knack for making everyone comfortable around her. unfortunately, she seems to have grown too comfortable as a competitor and seems to be coasting, when many feel she should be improving and refining her craft. It is unclear whether she has fallen back on her years of being pampered and coddled or has just become uninterested in climbing up the ACW ladder, but management has grown increasingly dissatisfied with her apparent indifference to building herself into a champion.

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Succumbing to one of the Seven Deadly Sins has led to the end of the career of many ACW competitors. Most were warned but seemed unable to see the road down which they were traveling. For the current crop of ACW girls, if they do not learn learn from the tragic mistakes of those who came before them, they will be doomed to repeat them. The real question is whether they will take the promotion down with them.

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