ACW Girls are Speaking Out

Diane Hunter -

It didn’t take long for the gloves to come off and the claws to come out. In reaction to the recent success enjoyed by Tiffani “Carmen” Jones, a line formed of ACW competitors eager to voice their displeasure with her upcoming push. First in line is no other that current champion Daniella Cartier.

Diane Hunter -
“Give me a break,” she begins. “Not that I begrudge her any success but she doesn’t deserve all this attention because she hasn’t won anything and I don’t think she will. She sure as hell won’t get my belt. “I’ll beat her like her evil stepmother, and as little as she is, I might be.”

“She can’t match my strength or my reach. I have weight advantage on her, and a leverage advantage. I know more wrestling moves, have more experience, etc., etc., etc. When I’m done with her, she’ll be glad that she’s finishing school, because she’ll need something to fall back on!”

“When does she come in adult size?” quips Inter-Condominium champion Diane Hunter. “I hear Tiffani is calling me out. She really, really, really doesn’t want to do that.” Hunter is enjoying a wave of popularity as well as success in the promotion. Despite her recent loss to Cartier, her future looks very promising. She has signed for four more matches against Cartier, but her immediate focus is on Jones.

“Tiffani is a fun girl, but she don’t talk smack with someone who can knock your teeth down your throat. I’m not just going to beat her or even beat her up. I’m going to hurt her and take my time doing it. I want her to quit the promotion. She should stick with trying to be the bully of the playground, cause she’s not ready to mix it up with the big girls.”

Candy Sommers is not sure how she came to be on Tiffani’s radar screen. “I guess she just doesn’t like me,” Sommers says. “I get that from a lot of girls.” Jones had laid out a challenge Sommers in December but Sommers chose not to take her up on it. Candy has been battling Miranda Alexander for the 3rd spot in the ACW rankings, a position which will guarantee a shot at the Inter-Condominium title. It would appear that Jones is making a run at a bid for the belt and looks to leapfrog over both Sommers and Alexander.

Sommers would provide and interesting challenge for Jones. Although she has a size advantage on Tiffani, Tiffani would appear to have an edge in quickness and has shown no fear of Candy. Sommers welcomes the challenge, declaring “everyone keeps calling her an up and comer. Well that because she’s so short, she has to look up at everybody. While she’s looking up at me she can look at my ass and pick a spot because I’m going to make her kiss it when I whip hers.

Miranda Alexander -

Miranda Alexander would seem to have the most to lose in Tiffani’s recent surge. Mired in a four match losing streak, she may find herself falling out the upper rankings of the promotion. She is unlikely to give up her spot willingly however. “Tiffani Jones is just a little girl with a big mouth, she says. “She’s like that little dog that yips and yaps at you but you know it can’t hurt you. She’s annoying me but I’m not afraid of her.”

As she struggles to right her career, a win over Jones would be a grand feather in Alexander’s hat. “The only good thing about all the attention she’s getting is that more people will be able to see be wax her punk ass.”

In a short time, Tiffani Jones has received a great deal of negative attention and resentment from her fellow competitors. “Her mouth is writing a check that she can’t cash,” says Alexander. When I’m done with her, she’ll be one broke bitch.”

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