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When Tiffani “Carmen” Jones entered 
Apartment Championship Wrestling two years ago, she was viewed by many as the wildcard of the group. Chrissy Martin had gained greater notoriety in the modeling industry and Libby Watson was viewed as being most likely to enjoy success as an apartment wrestler. Jones, however, has emerged as the true breakout star, not only of the group, but also of the promotion.

Tiffani recently appeared in the October 2003 issue of Playboy magazine as one of the girls of the Big Ten. An honor student, Tiffani said her appearance in the magazine was just part of her plan when she entered ACW. “When I entered the promotion, I had a five year plan,” Tiffani said, “and an appearance in Playboy was a big part of my plan, but I have a lot more to do.”

One of the things she will be busy with is pursuing more opportunities with Playboy. She is set to appear on PlayboyTV’s “Sexy Girls Next Door” (air dates – March 5, 9, 14, 21 and 25, 2004) and hopes for further work with the company.

“A lot of people couldn’t understand what the hell I was doing when I came into ACW. they thought I was crazy. I knew what I was doing though. It was just a marketing gamble,” said Jones. “I’m not saying that ACW is responsible for getting me into Playboy, but it was such shock to people in the industry that they paid a little closer attention to me and I got a lot of modeling gigs. Eventually, I met people who made the proper introductions and bammm, there I was on page 133.”

Tiffani Jones - www.apartmentwrestlers.com This fact is not lost on Jones’ detractors.
 “It took a lot of steam out of their arguments that she doesn’t belong in ACW. She has been more than competitive in her matches and has become one of those competitors that a lot of the girls don’t want to face,” said X. Because of her small stature (she stands 5′ tall and weighs in at a whopping 90 lbs.) most ACW competitors feel they can bully her into submission, but are surprised to see they she enters her matches well-prepared for her opponents. Using her size to her advantage, she often can move just outside of her opponents reach, buzzing in at opportune moments to deliver a flurry of slaps at her perplexed foes. “I float like a butterfly, but I sting like I have a stun gun in my hand,” says Jones. I fought against Veronica Van Dyne and by the end of the match, she was crying. I don’t know if she was just frustrated or tired of me hitting her on her fat ass. It looked like I gave her a tattoo.”ACW promoter Tanako X was more than happy to discuss Tiffani’s success. “I told you so,” he begins. “When I brought the Posse into the promotion, I got flak from our talent, fans, … even from other members in management, but I knew at least one of the girls would break out. Tiffani is the first to do so and the repercussions have been terrific.” X points to a huge surge in website traffic, video sales and even applications from would-be ACW stars. In addition, the promotion has been in talks with other sports-entertainment companies about possible cross-promotional deals as well as talent exchanges. “We have definitely taken three steps forward,” he continues, “and on top of all the positive publicity she has brought to ACW, Tiffani can wrestle. She is surprisingly good.”

there is no diminishing her impact on the promotion and the requests for her to return to action have been pouring in. Jones vows to continue her dual career and has already set three targets in her cross hairs. She wants to take on Daniella Cartier for the ACW belt, Diane Hunter for the Inter-Condominium belt and Candy Sommers – “because I just feel like beating her up,” she laughs.

She has gotten her wish as she will meet Cartier in late April in a match that will be closely watch, perhaps for the David and Goliath aspect. Jones warns, however, not to view the matchup as a marketing gimmick. “I want to whip her ass first, because it will put everyone else on notice. I’ll chop down the big girls and the little girls are going to get hurt.”

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