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Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com

For four months, Diane Hunter has been demanding a title shot. Her requests were not only directed at the ACW Booking Committee, but also at the ACW champion, Daniella Cartier. Cartier, however, dismissed the request and declined to push for a match against Hunter. “It wasn’t that I was afraid to fight her,” Cartier said, “It’s just that I don’t like people maneuvering their way into a title shot by bitching and moaning.” Hunter countered “I’ve been screwed over for the last four years and have been bypassed for title shots over and over. I just took it to the fans and they demanded the match, so here we are.”

Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com The match finally took place the ACW Ballenger suites. Cartier took an aggressive approaches, pushing Hunter in the face as they were shaking hands. Hunter’s response showed that she wasn’t intimidated and had waited too long for this shot.

The match went back and forth with Cartier being the aggressor and Hunter deftly countering her advances. After grappling for several minutes and trading holds, a very frustrated Cartier shouted, “Where did you find this bitch… prison ?”

Hunter became more aggressive and began to control the pace of the match. A desperate Cartier, growing more and more frustrated began to fall into Hunter’s trap, getting caught in leg scissors hold again and again. Her strength, however, allowed her to escape. Eventually, she caught Hunters legs and picked in an inverted wheelbarrow and dragged her into another room where she see-sawed her up onto the bed.

On the bed, Cartier used her size and reach advantage to control the action. Hunter held her own, but was unable to keep Daniella in any of her holds. As Daniella continued to maintain her control, Hunter became frustrated at her inability to gain a tactical advantage.

As Hunter saw her window of opportunity beginning to close, she made a desperate play, more out of instinct than out of desperation. As Daniella continued trying to gain an advantage, Hunter used Cartier’s momentum against her and rolled the champion off of the bed. Once she had Daniella on the floor, Hunter wrapped the champion up in the bed spread. A confused Cartier looked for escape but was mounted by Hunter who pressed her breasts in Daniella’s face, smothering her.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.com Scrambling to recover from Hunter’s unorthodox actions, Cartier scrambled back up on the bed. Hunter swiftly followed and began forcing the action. As she mounted Cartier for what looked by the final time, it appeared Cartier had run out of answers. In a last burst of desperation, Cartier pushed DIane backwards and continued with the momentum all the way off of the bed, inadvertently implementing a modified sunset flip where she trapped the challenger, pushing her up against the bed and pressing her shoulders to the ground. As Hunter struggled to escape, Cartier held fast and shouted off the three-count for the win. Finally spent, both women collapsed in a heap onto the bed.

For both women, the match served as an announcement to all ACW competitors – Daniella had again found a way to retain her title and Hunter had taken the champ to the limit and shown no hint of quitting. She immediately a rematch and it will likely be granted. Both women realized that they had each faced their greatest challenger and that it would only be the first of a series of classic clashes.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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