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The anticipation for the upcoming match between ACW’s top competitors has reached a fever pitch and neither woman is shy about their chances. Cartier has reigned as ACW champion for more than a year and a half and has never been seriously challenged. Her dominance stems from her size and strength as well as her overwhelming confidence. Her ascent to the top of ACW has her convinced that she is unbeatable within the sport. “Do I think I can lose? Absolutely not!” Cartier stated. “My preparation, both physical and mental, gives me an edge over everyone else. I’ve steamrolled my way through everyone in ACW and barely worked up a sweat!”

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Diane Hunter believes this is precisely why she can… and will beat the champ. “Let me be clear in saying that I respect Daniella as the champion,” she said. “She is right, she has kicked everyone’s ass in the promotion and it has been very easy for her. Things for me have been much different. I have had to fight and scrape for everything I have gotten in this sport. When you’ve has to go through what I have, it makes you tougher and it makes you want it more.” Hunter’s path to a championship match was littered with obstacles that kept her out of the limelight for years and had many predicting she would remain just another talented underachiever. Hunter knew better.

Hunter has battled against injuries and politics almost as much as she has against competitors in her time within the promotionAlways viewed as an able and talented competitor, she never seemed to get the push that she saw a number of other girls getting. Despite her frustration, she pressed on and trained as hard as possible, but she couldn’t ignore her frustrations. “It was really bad at times. I mean imagine beating the hell out out three girls and then seeing them get title shots and I couldn’t get even get a shot at the Inter-Condiminium belt, much less the ACW title. I know I didn’t come into ACW with a big name or reputation but I really felt like I’d get my shot. I even went to Japan to train and compete, so when I got back, I figured no one could ignore my success. Then just when I start getting some recognition, that crap with Thelma Ferguson happened and I was sitting at home again.”

Hunter refers to an incident with former ACW rival Thelma Ferguson, who suffered career ending injuries in an attack at an Illinois shopping mall. More than a few people pointed the finger at Hunter as the two were then heavily embroiled in a bitter feud. ” I had nothing to do with her getting hurt. I had just returned from Japan (where she won the prestigious D-Cup tournament) and Thelma starts running her mouth at me, so everyone figures that I blew my top and messed her up. I didn’t but the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the sidelines again.

Daniella Cartier’s career, on the other hand, was headed in the other direction. She became the darling of the promotion, the good girl who did all the right things, and her push reflected her good standing within the promotion. She got matches against some of the better competitors and won matches against them very convincingly. Her status as the apparent “Chosen One,” however, caused many competitors to resent her. One of those was Diane Hunter.

“I was very pissed,” said Diane. “Not to take anything away from her abilities, but she was climbing up the ladder and I kept getting kicked off the bottom rung. Yeah, I resented her and I still do. Hunter’s luck began to change shortly thereafter as began 16 match winning streak but she was once again derailed when she was reprimanded by ACW for her angry comments regarding the direction of the promotion, related to the recruitment of the Motor City Posse and the wave of sexy performers being pushed. “I worked too damn hard and fought too damn hard to get passed over again, so I stood up for myself. Unfortunately, I took some bad advice and I walked out on the promotion in protest. When I came back, I was at the bottom of the ladder again.

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“When Diane came back, she deserved to be at the bottom of the ladder,” said Cartier. “She whined like a little bitch about how unfair everything was and went home. I didn’t feel sorry for her. I thought it was stupid of her and I didn’t want her getting any breaks. If I had my way, she would never have been allowed back.” As such, Cartier resisted efforts to match the two combatants. “She was ducking me,” said Hunter. “It seemed that at every step I had someone or something standing in my way, keeping me from getting a shot. This time it was Daniella and I’ll make her pay for doing that.”

Both women have their backers as well as their detractors, but everyone interviewed agrees that this may be the most balanced, even match up in a title fight in years. Both women bring unique skills and diverse backgrounds into the match, a fact which Diane believes will give her an advantage.

“Daniella has had it easy since the day she walked into ACW. Nothing has come easy to me. It seems like I have had to overcome every obstacle possible to get to this point. Not only have I had to wrestle in some of the most miserable place against miserable competition, but I’ve had to wait for years. I could have quit but I was just so pissed off that I couldn’t think of anything but getting a shot,” said Hunter. ” guess what I’m saying is I know I want it more than anyone else. It means more to me. That’s the advantage I have over Daniella. She’s never faced anybody with my experience, my talent and my desire. I want this… I need it.

Daniella Cartier is an imposing figure within the apartment wrestling industry. At 5′ 10″, 130 lbs., she is bigger and stronger than most of her opponents. At 5′ 7″ 127 lbs., Diane Hunter will not be intimidated by Cartier. While not possessing Cartier’s raw strength, she has a greater knowledge of wrestling holds and leverage moves and an extremely high pain threshold. “I sure as hell won’t tap out,” she said. “I can promise you that. She’ll have to pin me to beat me.” “I’ll beat her any way I can,” countered Cartier. “I’m not underestimating her. The girl’s got skills, but I’m Daniella Cartier – game, set, match.”

The outcome of the match is certain to either a huge disappointment or the beginning of a great rivalry. Interest in the match has exceeded already high expectations. Presales of the tape of the match are three times higher than anticipated. In addition to the title match up, the tape will also include two other matches and an interview with Tiffani “Carmen” Jones, who was recently featured in Playboy® magazine.

Results of the match will be released on the www.apartmentwrestlers.com web site, to coincide with the February 1st release date of the tape.

“It’s showtime Diane,” quipped Cartier. “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

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