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Diane Hunter was last heard from in July 2002
when ACW saw the coming of the Motor City Posse. Hunter was quite outspoken in her opposition to the Detroit trio being invited to join the promotion. Hunter felt the promotion was becoming too gimmick-driven, seeking mainstream publicity rather than accomplished wrestling talent. She staged a dramatic walkout, along with Tabitha Van Dyne, Taylor Wilson and Barbie Mayfield, in protest of the direction of the promotion. One year later, however, she has returned to ACW.

“I have my principles and I have my standards, but reality is reality. Times change, the promotion is changing and I guess I’ll have to change as well,” said Hunter.One of the biggest bones of contention for her was the perceived notion of sex being a factor in the promotion. “It seemed like ACW was putting a huge emphasis on T&A instead of on talent. Some of the girls they brought in wouldn’t know a wrist lock from a wristwatch. I was pretty ticked off about the Motor City Posse because I had worked so hard for so many years to move up the ladder and then here come these little trollops, walking into the promotion without being tested or having to pay any dues and getting top billing and promotion. It was a slap in the face to me and a lot of the other veterans.”

Hunter saw, however, that the promotion was looking for a level of diversity within its roster and that the mainstream publicity was casting a spotlight on all of the promotion’s performers. “While I didn’t like the whole T&A influence, I can’t argue with its affect on the bottom line.” While accepting of the new direction of the promotion, she still isn’t happy about letting new performers steal the spotlight from her. “I look at someone like this new chick Jenna Johnson coming in and getting all of this attention and she hasn’t done shit. Big tits and long legs. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all she has to offer. Well I’ve got big tits and a lot of talent. I have no problem using them both to get where I want to be.”

Where she wants to be is back in the title mix. “I was kind of pissed off because when Heaven was the champ, I was the Inter-condiminium champion so I should have been next up for a title shot. Instead, Daniella (Cartier) got the shot. I feel like I got passed over. Now that I’m back, I want the shot, but they are telling me that because Miranda Alexander is the new IC champ, I have to wait behind her.” Hunter quickly grew more agitated and more animated in her language. “I don’t mean to speak out of turn her, and I’m not pointing any fingers… but who do you have to fuck around her to get a title shot?”

Diane Hunter - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

Her comments seem to be in reference to the simmering controversy stemming from comments to years ago by Taylor Wilson, alleging that there was a casting couch in existence in ACW. “I have a good relationship with all of the management in ACW and especially with Tanako, but you tell me how Dixie Monroe and Candy Sommers are being featured. How does Veronica Van Dyne, with her big ass, get back into the promotion. She hasn’t wrestled in three years, claims to be this big-time successful lawyer, but she just turns up one day with that big thing sticking out from her back and she’s getting title shot consideration? I mean come on. I’m not stupid. A girl hears things. Tasha Romero got a tryout with the company and she can barely walk straight without having to think hard much less wrestle. She was going to be a representative of ACW? As soon as she opened her mouth, you could tell it was only useful for one thing.” Tabitha Van Dyne? She just like her sister… a big butt and a smile. I could go on.”

“When a no talent, trailer park reject like Amber Mayfield gets a match with Daniella, you know something is up. I have personally seen photos of her with someone in management in very compromising positions. I’m not a prude, but at least let us know what’s up and how the game is played.”

Her latest comments have angered a lot of people within the promotion. Veronica Van Dyne spoke on the record and was furious about what Hunter said. “She went way past venting… she got personal,” said Veronica. “Some of the things she said could be considered libelous in addition to being insulting.” Diane did not appear repentant nor intimidated. “If she can drag her big ass through the doorway, I’ll challenge her to a match. What’s she going to sue me for? All I did was tell the truth. She can’t even lie on her stomach to sunbathe any more because her butt casts a shadow across her back.” “I’m not looking for trouble,” she continues, “but if I have to stir things up to get a title shot, I’ll do it.”

For now, her approach seems to be working as she has been scheduled to work against against some of the lesser regarded competitors. She worked a match against Tasha Romero who wanted another tryout with the company after being released. Hunter brutalized Romero, refusing to pin her and instead stretched her repeatedly until the smaller woman broke down, sobbing for mercy. Her match against Tabitha Van Dyne was much the same. Amber Mayfield no-showed a scheduled match against Hunter and Veronica Van Dyne has refused to discuss a possible match. Still, Hunter’s future seems uncertain. “I can only control so much of my career. After that I have to leave it in the hands of management. I don’t like it but I’ll do what I have to do to make it.”