Miranda Alexander vs. Dixie Monroe

Dixie Monroe wanted to prove to naysayers that despite a number of stinging losses, she was a legitimate apartment wrestlers and capable of winning big matches. Miranda Alexander, on the other hand, was determined to showcase her talents as one of the rising stars in ACW and a real contender for the Inter-Condiminium belt.

Miranda Alexander - apartmentwrestlers.com The match started with Monroe instigating the action. Hoping to surprise Alexander she tried for an immediate pin. Miranda, however, quickly shift her weight and rolled off of the bed, diminishing Dixie’s advantage.

Undeterred, Monroe stayed on the offensive. Following Miranda to the other bed she tried to apply a sleeper hold. In doing so, she gained an immediate advantage. Miranda, while in no trouble of passing out, was taken aback and unable to apply a counterhold.

When she was unable to slip behind Monroe, she finally gave up on finesse and grabbing Dixie by the roots of her red hair, Miranda flipped her opponent head over heels and crashing to the floor.

Miranda moved in for the kill, but then pulled back, instead choosing to make her victory more impressive.She moved Monroe from one compromising hold to another, painfully dominating her outmatched opponent with a sense of focused determination.

Like a cat playing with a mouse, Miranda eventually tired of toying with Dixie. She leaned forward and applied enough leverage to gain a pinfall.

For Dixie, the loss was not necessarily devastating. She was clearly outmatched but still accorded herself well. For Alexander, however, she took another step towards gaining a match against Lisa Nash for the ACW IC belt.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

Miranda Alexander vs. Dixie Monroe - apartmentwrestlers.com

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